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Most homes are equipped with traditional ducted air conditioning systems, but opting for a ductless option has several benefits. Ductless systems operate similarly to ducted units, with the exception that they don’t require ducts to be installed within the infrastructure of a home. Instead, they deliver cooled air directly into an individual room. Because they don’t need to push air through invasive ducts, ductless systems typically consume far less energy. They’re also easier to install and, often, more efficient than ducted AC units. To learn about some of the several different types of ductless AC systems, continue reading.

Ductless mini-split systems

Ductless mini-split systems are some of the most popular and efficient ductless air conditioning systems. These minimally invasive systems consist of an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor compressor or condenser, which you can attach by making a small three-inch hole in the wall of the room you wish to cool. The mini-split system can then directly deliver the cooled air into the room.

Because mini-split systems are equipped with inverter technology, they can scan the temperature of a room and adjust the amount of power they use to keep the space at the chosen temperature. Such a capability provides many benefits: in addition to improving the comfort of the space, it also optimizes energy usage and lowers one’s electricity bill.

Window units

Another highly popular type of ductless AC system is the window unit. Window units are some of the easiest air conditioning units to install in a home, as all their components are contained in a single box. Such systems have become exponentially more efficient in the past decade, and they have the capability to cool rooms of nearly any size. As such, they’re ideal choices for people who want a compact, easy-to-install, and reliable AC system.

Portable AC systems

Portable air conditioning systems are also compact and easy to install. These free-standing systems are completely self-contained, functioning similarly to window units. As their name suggests, portable AC units provide the added benefit of easy transportation from one room to another. However, to cool your entire home, you would need to purchase a portable AC unit for each room.

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