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Even with an active pandemic sweeping across the country, certain types of work still need to get done—especially those that deal with base infrastructure. The construction industry is one of the most vital components of our core societal functioning. In fact, without these professionals to fix and maintain many of our key structures, going out would be a lot more dangerous than it currently is. But these workers are at just as much of a risk from the virus as we are, and it’s up to construction companies to keep them safe. These are some crucial safety measures for construction projects during COVID-19.

Ensure Masks Are Worn at All Times

Face masks have always been an essential piece of construction gear to have on a job site. Whether it be debris from demolition or the materials themselves, job sites are full of airborne fragments workers need protection from. As such, it isn’t much of an adjustment to require your workers to wear masks to protect from COVID-19 as well. These coverings not only cut down on the number of particles entering a person’s body, but they also block the number of germs an individual could pass around to others.

Maintain Distance Between Workers

You may also want to put social distancing rules into place wherever possible. Though many projects require construction professionals to work as a team, staying huddled close together increases the rate at which an illness should spread. Because of this, setting limits on how many people can work in a given area at a time can reduce germ contact. Workers should also be aware of how close they are to others at all times when on a job site. This way, they’re more likely to notice when someone is too close and adjust the distance accordingly.

Have a Plan in Place for Sick Workers

Another important safety measure for construction projects during COVID-19 is to create a plan for responding to workers who get sick. Even when working outdoors and on the roads, illnesses can spread quickly in the workplace and put everyone else at risk. As such, if you’re noticing that some of your outdoor or road building professionals are getting sick, make sure you know how to react. A couple of potential actions you might take include increasing the rate of sanitization and encouraging employees to take days off when they’re not feeling well.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.