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Schools are in session. But due to COVID-19, the 2020-2021 school year is operating differently. Approaches to teaching and learning are functioning in unique ways. The goal to give students an excellent experience remains, despite different measures.

Education in Racine County is happening in virtual formats, face to face learning, and hybrid models. Whichever methods may be taking place, an educator is supporting your child’s needs.

Washington Park High School Educator

Nominate an Educator

The Racine County Eye wants to highlight educators who are making a difference. Recognizing those who are going the extra mile, to make the best of the situation, is our goal.

Consider nominating an individual in the education field to be the Racine County Eye educator of the week. Click here to fill out the nomination form.

Don’t forget to include what makes them outstanding.

Inspired by an Educator

There is no doubt that public service workers, including teachers, make a positive impact on Racine. In addition, stories about hometown heroes are featured on our site here. These stories here, sparked interest from an educator in Racine.

Educator Halli Lannan
Educator Halli Lannan

Halli Lannan, assistant director of curriculum instruction at the Racine Unified School District, weighs in on the series.

“This year will look different but different isn’t bad. You may not have all the answers today, and that is okay. Today, kids just want to see you and know that you are there for them,” Halli said.

Together we will adapt to new ways of learning. Along the way, we will share stories of these difference makers.

Educator of the Week

Nominations should include educators who live or work in Racine County. Likewise, if an educator works at the following, please consider them for this honor:

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If you have questions or concerns about the Educator of the Week series, direct your messages to Emma Widmar. If your school or district was not mentioned please contact us. Email Emma at for more information.


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