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Heroes can be ordinary people who do extraordinary things with their lives. As a member of the United States Military and medical field, she is doing just that. Modest and humble describes this hometown hero.

A registered nurse at an outpatient surgical center, Stanley works at the North Shore Surgical Suites where Orthopedic/Orthopedic Spine Surgeries are performed daily.

“I’m just a person who is doing my job, and for the right reasons” Stanley said.

However, not everyone could tackle life as she does. As a female soldier and medical professional, her impact reaches beyond the county lines.

Registered Nurse Teri Stanley
Hometown Hero Registered Nurse Teri Stanley

At 17 years old, Stanley enlisted into the US Army. Her interest in the medical field came from her time spent in North Carolina at Fort Bragg, which is one of the largest military installations in the world. There she was a helicopter crew chief in a MEDEVAC.

For eight years, she worked as a Black Hawk Helicopter Crew Chief was her reality. Spending time in Somalia and Saudi Arabia was a part of her journey, but not the whole story. Additionally, she set foot in numerous countries, including serving two tours in South Korea.

Heroic Female Soldier

Just when she thought her time in the military was over, it wasn’t. After her first enlistment, working in the civilian world, in customer service, didn’t suit her like serving in the Army. Teri’s reenlistment in the US Military led her to serve, additionally, in the US Army Reserves. This time she took on the role of being a Combat Medic.

Teri Stanley

That time around, deployment took her to the Middle East. Her work included being a Chinook Helicopter Crew Chief in Afghanistan and Iraq. Talk about being a hero and a female inspiration.

Leading the way on the battlefield also led her to write a book. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan: And Other Completely True Stories About the Life of a Female Soldier is Teri’s way of sharing her story, with the intent that people would better understand her.

“It is also an attempt to inspire other people out there, that no matter where you come from, and how hard your life has been, you can work through your issues, and be strong and happy,” she said.

Serving Wisconsin

As someone from Mount Pleasant, traveling didn’t take her away from her love for the community. After 20 years of serving, she still resides in her hometown. While the healthcare field may not be for everyone, it is for Teri.

She has more experience than most. In Southeastern Wisconsin, her skills have been useful at Aurora Health Care Gastroenterology, Ascension All Saints Primary Care, and Froedtert Milwaukee Hematology/Oncology Palliative care.

COVID-19 Brings the Unexpected

COVID-19 presents challenges in her role. Difficulties include telling patients they have to go through surgery alone, without family members. However, with Teri, by their side, they will always have someone supporting them.

The Racine County Eye isn’t the only one who recognizes this hero. Recently, Teri was notified, via Congressman Bryan Steil’s office that she has been selected as Wisconsin’s First Congressional District Health Care Hero. She qualifies for this honor because of her ability to go above and beyond during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Per Stanley, there is a special gathering set to take place on September 11, 2020 at the Racine Yacht Club to commemorate her success. Specifics will be given at a later date.

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