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RACINE, WI —While on a morning walk at Samuel Myers Park, James Senda discovered something out of the corner of his eye.

This story also appeared in Patch

As he walked along the shore of Lake Michigan, Senda said he saw a tinfoil-wrapped package secured with a pink rubber band sitting on the beach.

Senda told Patch that he opened the package only to find what appeared to be a brain. He posted photos on his Facebook page, prompting speculation to which living being the brain belonged. In photos that Senda sent to Patch, the brain was wrapped in tinfoil that had a paper backing. In the photos, the backing had various numbers printed on it in addition to pictographic characters.

When Senda realized what he picked up, he called Racine police. The Racine County Medical Examiner said the brain was not human — and appeared to be from a cat.

According to a Journal Times report, Racine police confirmed that the item Senda found was “not consistent with a human brain.” The package contained flowers and an unspecified amount of cash, according to the report.


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