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A University of Wisconsin Parkside alumni, Suzanne Maki, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. Her outgoing personality and professional communication skills are the foundation of her success in the healthcare field.

Healthcare heroes are often thought of as nurses, doctors, and firefighters. However, where would healthcare be without those who are involved in patient care and the business aspects?

This hero makes an impact on Racine through her role as a Community Liaison and small business owner. The connection between the two is her love for people and the arts.

Connecting Through The Arts

Building a connection with people is not a hard task for Maki. Not only does she play the role of a hero in the healthcare field, but she also performs as a superhero/princess through her small business. Maki is the owner of a whimsical company, Enchanted Parties and Events.

This social butterfly connects her career to her small business. She’s even built a connection with the Racine County Eye Hometown Hero, Teri Stanley. Stanley performs for the local company. To read Teri’s story, click here.

Enchanted Parties and Events

“Enchanted Parties and Events is an exciting experience in character entertainment. From Royal princesses to fantastic Superheroes & more, we’re here to make your memories last a lifetime” says Maki.

The magical experience of character entertainment bridges her work and community involvement. They are available for birthday parties as well as community events and engagement.To view the services the company offers, click here. Follow this superhero’s journey as a small business owner on their Facebook here. Her passion for people is ever evolving, and it doesn’t stop when she clocks in.

Growing through Geriatric Care

Maki started as a concierge in a nursing facility. She’s been in the healthcare field for 12 years. The Union Grove resident is currently an employee at Ridgewood Care Center.

Entrusting your loved ones into the hands of those at a nursing home can be a difficult transition. The feelings of nervousness and worry diminish when provided with quality care. That’s always Maki’s goal.

The Community Liaison advocates for patients to transition their lives to the nursing home facility. Interacting with patients is only one part of her job. Maki also serves as the Sales and Marketing Liaison at Ridgewood Care Center.

“Being there for residents and their families as part of their journey in itself is rewarding” says Maki.

COVID-19 Impacts Nursing Facility

Networking with the community is also a part of her job. She finds this beneficial to make healthy relationships. However, COVID-19 complicating the role of her job, meant finding new outlets to support patient’s needs.

“Healthcare heroes are people who put others before themselves. During a pandemic like this, they are very self aware of the risks they are taking and sacrifices they are making, to provide quality care to those who need it most. Simply, they show up” says Maki.

Under normal circumstances, Maki would be out working in the community. After a patient transitions to the care facility, she wouldn’t normally get to interact with the patient. One positive thing about being unable to travel is that she is spending more time at at Ridgewood Care Center. She is able to work alongside patients and other heroes more and build stronger relationships.

She says, “I want to make sure I thank our healthcare heroes at Ridgewood Care Center with whom I always look to for admiration and inspiration. Their compassion and dedication knows no bounds and I am proud to work along side them. Nate and Joe have been incredibly supportive in my role. ”

Support our Hero

During her role at Ridgewood, she has seen the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia effect patients/families.. Outside work, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, is a cause close to Maki’s heart. Her late Grandma faced this diagnosis, which enlightened her involvement. Maki serves on the Board for the Kenosha & Racine Counties Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Walk with Maki

Maki invites Racine County Eye readers to join the virtual walk this year. Consider joining Team Enchanted Parties and Events by clicking here. You can also join Team Ridgewood here. Walking towards the fight for a world without Alzheimer’s and all other forms of Dementia is the goal.

Walking is one way to give back. Otherwise, this hometown hero encourages people to continue to highlight the good. Give back by sharing testimonies. You can do so by nominating someone to be the next Racine County Eye Hometown Hero of the Week here.

“During a pandemic like this, healthcare workers and facilities face the greatest hardships” says Maki.

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