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Halloween is a little under a month away. It is time to start planning your Halloween costumes because the Racine County Eye is proud to announce our first Costume Contest to celebrate. 

Do you plan to Trick or Treat in Racine County? If you are planning to do so, take a photo in your costume and share it with the Racine County Eye. Click here to submit entries. Also, check out what’s happening on Halloween night in Racine County by clicking here.

If you are planning to make your costume by hand, you’ll probably want start the process now. Do you think you have what it takes to win the Racine County Eye Costume Contest? You won’t know unless you try. Submit photos of yourself, your child, or friends by entering here.

Rules about the Contest

The Racine County Eye will start taking submissions on October 1, 2020. The contest will end on October 31, 2020. Snap a photo before Trick or Treating so you ensure your entry is in.

One photo entry per person. Submissions will not be accepted later than October 31, 2020. A winner of the contest will be announced on November 2, 2020. The winner of the contest will receive a basket of goodies from local area businesses.

Group costumes are allowed. Pet costumes are allowed. There is no age limit for the costume contest. Have fun and showcase your individuality.

Tips and Tricks for Costume Contests

1. Have a Unique Costume

You won’t win by picking a costume that everyone has. Pick a unique costume that reflects creativity and personality.

2. Enter a Quality Photo

Half the battle is the costume, and the other half is the photo. Make sure when you are entering your photo, that it really speaks to the judges. Make sure the photo is clear. Don’t enter photos with any glare. Be creative with the background and setting.

3. Enter Early

Enter early so you do not miss out on being in the competition. Dress up more than once to get use out of your costume.

Others Contests

The Racine County Eye is also hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest. For more details about the pumpkin carving contest, click here. This event will take place virtually. Carve your pumpkin and send us a photo.

For more information about Celebrations happening in Racine, read through our Celebrations page. Contact Emma Widmar at the Racine County Eye with questions about the contests. Email Emma at for details.

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