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RACINE – The Racine County District Attorney’s Office has charged Dajuan M. Jones, 26, of Racine, with making terrorist threats and possession of drug paraphernalia after allegedly posting threatening statements against Racine Police on Facebook Live on Sunday.

If convicted, Jones faces 3 ½ years in prison or a $10,000 fine. He remained in custody in the Racine County Jail as of Wednesday afternoon.

Criminal complaint

According to the criminal complaint, a complainant told Racine Police shortly before noon Sunday that Jones had sent them a video. That video shows Jones holding a handgun and stating that he “had an AK in his trunk with three 100-round drums.” 

The complainant told police they knew Jones carried weapons. They also told police that the video shows Jones drinking alcohol.

Police began checking the area near the Racine Police Department, 730 Center St., for Jones in his vehicle. Dispatch advised that Jones had been seen parked outside the Racine County Courthouse, 717 Wisconsin Ave.

Jones had also pointed a gun at someone and headed toward the police department, the dispatcher told officers.

Racine County Sheriff’s Office deputies, who contacted the complainant, confirmed that the video existed.

They also confirmed the video shows Jones holding a firearm outside the Racine Police Department. Jones also pointed the gun at someone on the video.

Jones located

Racine Police located Jones at his Lasalle Street residence. There, police found him sleeping on a couch. The officers took him into custody.

In a search, police also found a crack pipe on Jones’ body.

In a police review of a video that Jones allegedly posted on Facebook, Jones was seen inside a vehicle driving around, admitting that he is drinking. At one point, he could be heard saying, “Bitch, watch where you’re going. I don’t give a ___ about nobody.” Video shows Jones later getting out of the vehicle with the gun and starting to yell at someone.

Elsewhere in the video, Jones says, “When I’m done, a couple of cops gonna be hurting.”

According to the complaint, police found a BB or pellet gun “that appeared to be the gun from the video” in the car Jones was driving.

 Jones told a Racine police officer that “he got on Facebook Live around 12:50 p.m.” Sunday, went to the Racine Police Department and “made some threats.” 

Jones was “upset about the recent events around the country,” he told police.

‘Watch this.’

A Racine County Sheriff’s Department investigator reviewed two videos that Jones allegedly posted that day. 

In the first video, the investigator reported that Jones displayed a black handgun while parked in a vehicle outside the Racine Police Department. Throughout the video, Jones made statements, “It’s not a BB gun; it’s a real Glock, bro.”

In the second video, Jones made statements such as, “I got an AK-47 in my trunk. I’m gonna have fun with the police department today. Because when I’m done, a couple cops are going to be hurting.” 

Jones also allegedly stated, “Y’all wanna see me kill cops. Watch this.”

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