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It is impossible to imagine life without a television, fridge or an air conditioner. These modern conveniences have become a requirement rather than a luxury in our lives. Even if one claims to live an ascetic life without, say, a microwave or a washing machine; it is difficult to fathom a home without any furniture, cutlery or jewellery.

Whether these household belongings are for the purposes of utility or aesthetics – they are the soul of our homes. Hence, it becomes necessary to secure all these contents from accidental damage, natural calamities, theft, fire or breakdowns.

Thefts are becoming increasingly common and hence, houses are becoming more and more unsafe. Not only this but even fires raging all over the country in large numbers is a cause of immense anxiety and agitation among homeowners.

Homes, after all, aren’t built in a day – they are created carefully with hard-earned money and curated with passion and precision. People spend their entire lives investing their savings into crafting their home sweet home. Naturally, it is important to safeguard this lifelong investment.

Confusion and misinformation about home contents insurance have long stopped people from opting for it. Most homeowners end up realizing its importance only after losses have occurred.  We are here to dispel all doubts and bid adieu to all vexations about contents insurance once and for all.

So, what does it really cover?

Home contents insurance policy covers all your personal property. Yes, even the laptop you rarely use is insured! Offering comprehensive coverage for personal items, its limits can be extended to include expensive jewellery, cycles and more, on-demand.

Whether you are outside on a business trip when a theft takes place or are watching the new Netflix documentary in your bed when a calamity occurs you need a sense of security in the back of your head. This is where a nice content insurance policy offers you a cushion of comfort so you can sleep without worrying as it ensures you recover the cost of all your losses and damages.

Don’t worry, this policy is not restricted to dacoity and fires only: it swiftly covers a wide variety of losses. For example, it pays for any repair or service costs incurred by you when your fridge stops working.

All electronic and mechanical breakdowns are covered under home contents insurance. It protects your jewellery not only at home but also when you venture outside wearing the expensive (yet, thankfully insured) jewellery.

If that wasn’t enough, the expensive M.F Hussain originals hanging on your wall or maybe, the curios you got from Darjeeling – well, they are insured as well!

Imagine this: in the process of affixing a bookshelf, the wall you share with your neighbors is accidentally damaged. They now demand the full cost of losses from you. What do you do? Do you burn a hole in your own pocket?

No! Contents insurance covers third party liability – any physical or property loss of a third person. With all these contingencies effectively covered for you, say hello to peaceful sleep, knowing that your insurance policy has got your back.

Dogs might be a man’s best friend but contents insurance is your wisest advisor in times of peril.

Pick the right policy

While perusing your options, it is important to make sure you choose the policy that is best suited to your needs whilst simultaneously being reasonable. Before finally choosing your best option, it is advisable to compare various options.

Be it a rented apartment or a home you own personally, there is a policy coverage for everyone. If you are staying on rent, you can very well buy insurance for only the assets and valuables you own in the house. Some policies might seem to be on the hefty side, but don’t worry!

You don’t need to have deep pockets to protect your home. Affordable premiums with added discounts are available in large numbers, you only need to explore.

Whether you live in a major metropolitan or a small town – you build your house with love. Consulting interior designers, choosing the perfect furniture, buying lamps, carpets and art pieces, it takes months to create the perfect ensemble.

To Conclude

Life is delicate when uncertainty is the only certainty. Even if not a world-ending calamity; the risk of theft, heavy rainfall or an earthquake cannot be ignored. When adversity knocks at your door as a burglar or a calamity, a home contents insurance policy proves to be a silver lining.

We always make sure our loved ones are safe, then why not protect our homes? A protected home is a worry-free home. Secure your future today.


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