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2020 has been one indescribable year. It feels like there is so much negativity taking place, but the opening of Main Street Mercantile is a pop of positivity in Racine County. Business owner Vana Lyon’s dad died in December of 2019. What felt like a never ending struggle became the building block of her business.

Vana came to the realization that life is just too short to spend any amount of time doing things that don’t fill her cup. The pieces started falling into place and Main Street Mercantile was born.

Small Business, Multiple Creators

Main Street Mercantile, 316 E Main St, Waterford, WI, is a boutique gift shop. Additionally, there is an online store to explore here. The products and goods are all sourced from small American businesses. Items you find at Main Street Mercantile are produced in small batches. Personally curated home and gift items are available.

If you like supporting local businesses, this is the place to be. A significant amount of the shop is sourced from Wisconsin. By purchasing from this one small business, you support many creators.

“I feel good about what I’m doing. I leave the store each night knowing that I am supporting dozens of small businesses and allowing them to do what they love everyday” says Lyon.

Local Stories Unfold

Each piece at Main Street Mercantile has a story. For example, the handcrafted soaps may have came from a woman raising three children. Bath products for that creator started as a stress relief, but became the way she provides for her family.

An Air Force veteran unleashes his creative abilities by building gorgeous mid-century modern wooden planters. His hobby, which he does in his basement, is more than just a project to him. That’s the thing about Main Street Mercantile; every aspect of the company has a story.

Purchasing goods from Main Street Mercantile means supporting the stories of fellow Wisconsinites. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so spending it wisely is important. When you shop at the storefront or online, you can be sure that your money is supporting real people.

“I no longer feel like I’m waking up living someone else’s dream or spending extreme amounts of energy helping someone else climb the corporate ladder,” says Lyon.

Artist and Creators

At this time, the Main Street Mercantile store is not taking new vendors. However, that means all creators have time to create items that are storefront ready. Artisans looking to sell their work with Main Street Mercantile can reach out via social media. New vendors will likely be chosen in the Spring of 2021.

Shop the Store

Now that the store is open, Lyons is back on her feet and waiting for Racine County residents to explore the store. You can shop at the store by visiting the Main Street Mercantile website here. Online shopping is the perfect way to shop for gifts, but also stay safe during the pandemic.

Shop the store in person by visiting their location on Main Street in Waterford, Wisconsin. Find out what’s happening at the shop by following their social media.

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