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Dear Editor;

In deciding who shall get my vote on November 3 for U.S. Representative from the First Wisconsin District, it seems prudent to look at the real facts. Our nation is in a crisis; both candidates, Rep. Steil and Mr. Polack recognize that. We are facing violence and destruction in our cities, such as Kenosha. Our nation is fighting a virus from another land which has impacted our economy as we shut down to stop the spread while it caused illness and even death for fellow Americans.

During these difficult times, it seems reasonable to want someone in office who knows the district and Wisconsin. Bryan Steil has lived in Wisconsin and the 1st Congressional District all of his life. Now I am a transplant to Wisconsin thus I realize that one can love and learn what is best for our State. I have only lived here for 46 years. Polack however seems to have been living in Washington D.C. where he owns two houses and claimed residency there. He may have roots here in Wisconsin but it appears that he transplanted them to D.C. until recently.

While Polack lived in D.C., Bryan Steil served the 1st District by supporting the Cares Act which helped schools, health care workers and services, unemployment aide, and businesses trying to stay afloat. He personally got the President’s attention as to what was happening in Kenosha and got the help of the Federal Government to help rebuild and bring peace to that City. He voted for the Cares Act and has worked tirelessly to support a second stimulus package being held up by Polack’s party. He has visited every corner of our district to listen to the people, celebrate with them, and discuss ways to bring us together. The choice seems clear; Congressman Bryan Steil has been here to face the challenges and works to bring solutions.

Arthur Colaianni

Burlington, WI

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