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RACINE – A Racine man was in custody Monday afternoon on weapons charges and battery to an officer following a fight with police last Friday.

The Racine County District Attorney’s Office charged Jordan David Laycock, 28, with possession of a firearm by a felon, receiving a stolen firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon. He was also charged with resisting an officer, battery to a law enforcement officer, and obstructing an officer. All of the charges include repeat offender penalty enhancements.

According to the criminal complaint, a Racine Police officer observed a vehicle fail to come to a complete stop at the intersection of 11th and Villa streets. As the officer’s squad attempted to get behind the vehicle to stop it, the vehicle made evasive moves.

The vehicle then pulled over to the side of the street and the driver, later identified as Laycock, jumped out and fled on foot between houses. The officer gave commands to stop and saw Laycock put his hands into his waistband, remove an item and throw it while running. The officer deployed his taser and Laycock fell to the ground.

When the officer got on top of Laycock to place him into custody, Laycock pushed up from the ground, began to fight with the officer and caused a cut on the officer’s left pinky finger. Several other officers arrived to assist and Laycock was reportedly “kicking and thrashing before being put into custody.” In that struggle, a second officer received an injury to a finger that required treatment at a hospital.

Police later recovered a black semi-automatic firearm underneath a vehicle parked within a few feet from where Laycock was apprehended. A later review of an officer’s body camera video taken during the arrest confirmed that Laycock threw the weapon under the vehicle. The firearm was confirmed to be a Taurus G2S5 9 mm handgun that had been reported stolen in August and Laycock had been identified as the suspect.

Laycock remained in the Racine County Jail as of Monday afternoon.


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