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Legislation to designate a three-digit phone number for national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline has been signed into law.

The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act directs the FCC to designate 988 for the National Suicide Prevention Line and allows veterans to press “1” after dialing 988 to be routed automatically to the Veterans Crisis Line for veteran-specific mental health support.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Task Force on Veteran Suicide Prevention recently launched the website, which focuses on getting help to those contemplating suicide.

“The whole message is ‘Be there for a veteran,’” said Dr. Bert Berger, manager of the Mental Health Division at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center. “It’s really about making that connection, about being able to talk and provide support.” provides quick and easy access to online resources and contact information. The task force is the coalition behind the website and ongoing initiatives, bringing together organizations that serve Veterans and nonprofits focused on suicide prevention.

You can learn more about the BeThereWis initiative by clicking here.


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