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I’m Joel Jacobsen and I am running for Wisconsin’s 63rd Assembly District. Here are the key issues that face us in Wisconsin today.

The COVID crisis has taken a huge toll on the lives and health of our families and friends and has resulted in great financial hardship for businesses and workers. An enormous amount of stress has been placed on our healthcare system. The Legislature must work with Governor Evers to pass the Healthcare Heroes Act. Additionally, immediate financial relief must go to businesses and workers impacted by this pandemic. We need a comprehensive plan for testing and contact tracing to contain the spread of the virus, as well as guidelines for businesses to open safely. There is no issue that is more important to our state.

In order to rebuild our middle class, Wisconsin needs to create an economy that enables its workers to rise out of poverty and earn a wage that can support their families. The current COVID crisis has created a very challenging environment for many businesses. However, in the case of Foxconn, we see a situation where it was clear even before the rise of the pandemic that there was no real plan to follow through on
commitments made to Wisconsin taxpayers. Corporations that wish to do business in Wisconsin must do so with integrity, and the government in our state must act with the best interest of Wisconsin citizens and taxpayers as their sole motivation.

Wisconsin has experienced its share of pain over issues related to racial injustice and has heard the voices of those who are calling for reform in the way our communities are policed. These are issues that must be faced head-on without shying away from tough conversations. The Wisconsin Professional Police Association wrote a blueprint for change entitled Opportunities to Evolve Policing in Wisconsin. This plan according to the WPPA includes “recommendations for training and standards, oversight and accountability, community engagement and innovation, and officer wellness.” In addition, Governor Evers proposed nine separate bills related to community policing reform that have yet to be taken up by the Vos lead State Legislature. If elected, I will end the stall tactics and unacceptable inaction that are keeping our communities from finding the peace and healing they so deserve, as well as providing law enforcement the support and resources they require to be effective.

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