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Are you feeling blue because of COVID-19? This global pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, including our mental health. Even if you may be managing, someone in your life might be experiencing a mental health challenge. Everyone has their own journey with mental health and a new business in town is shedding light on the subject.

This week’s Business Spotlight, Compassionate Peer Support and Training, LLC is ready to advocate and tackle mental illnesses. Readily available to the Racine community is a set of best friends who are on a mission to create a compassionate community.

Best Friends Advocate for Mental Illnesses

These friends are also Racine residents with their own mental health diagnoses. Both Saunders and Simpson have bipolar disorder. These advocates say that their own experiences with mental illness have led them to a passion for supporting others. Their goal is to achieve healing with the power of compassion.

Lynelle Saunders and Luann Simpson joined forces to pursue their passion. In 2010, both individuals became among the first Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialists. Additionally, they have been working in the mental health field for many years.


Luann Simpson

Photo Credit: Compassionate Peer Support and Training, LLC

Luann Simpson is a Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker, and a Wisconsin Certified Peer Specialist. Life Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Family Mediation, and Non-profit Leadership are her areas of expertise. Prior to co-owning Compassionate Peer Support and Training, Simpson worked at NAMI of Racine County for over 20 years.

Simpson’s own experiences living with a mental illness can be inspirational to others. Living in recovery for over 20 years serves as hope and support to others. This Racine resident is determined to improve services and the quality of life for everyone who may be affected by mental illness.

Lynelle Saunders

Photo Credit: Compassionate Peer Support and Training, LLC

In 2004, Saunders was diagnosed with a mental illness. What she didn’t know is that her own diagnosis would become the pathway to her becoming a leader for those with mental illnesses. Also, when battling this illness, Saunders turned to peer supports of the local NAMI affiliate.

Saunders has a background in accounting, management, fundraising, and program development. These skills helped her when she served at the Racine Friendship Clubhouse.

Mission to Help

The team at Compassionate Peer Support and Training LLC wants to make a positive impact on Racine County. This is achieved by providing support services to individuals living with mental illness or substance abuse.

Services Available

The Compassionate Peer Support and Training LLC offers different services to Racine residents. A few of their services include:

  • Peer Support-1 hour, $50
  • Wellness Recovering Planning-1 hour, $75
  • For more information about services available, click here

To read more about what they offer, check out their website by clicking here. For more information about their business, read their most frequently asked question page here. With questions or concerns, contact Compassionate Peer Support and Training, LLC.

Additional Resources

If you are in need of local resources, check out these businesses and nonprofits that Compassionate Peer Support and Training LLC recommends.

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