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RACINE – The Racine County District Attorney’s Office has charged three Racine County Jail inmates with battery and disorderly conduct connected with an alleged assault to another inmate earlier this month.

Malik D. Hale, 23, Qumaire J. Canady, 19, and Kerrion T. Marsh, 22, all of Racine, were charged with battery by prisoners as a party to a crime and disorderly conduct. Also, Hale was charged with criminal property damage. All of the charges included penalty enhancers for repeat offenders.

According to the criminal complaint, a Racine County Jail inmate, identified as A.H., was assaulted in a jail dayroom on Oct. 6. Deputies who responded to the incident found all of the inmates that had been in the dayroom were back in their cells except for A.H., who was sitting on the floor. A deputy could see visible bruising under that inmate’s right eye.

A.H. stated that earlier that day, Hale, Canady, and Marsh had talked about ways to get moved to a dayroom with a television because Hale had broken the television in their dayroom. He also told deputies that they believed he was attacked by the other inmates because they knew he would not fight back.

In a review of the dayroom’s surveillance footage, deputies observed A.H. sitting at the dayroom table talking to the other inmates. A.H. stood up and was immediately hit in the head multiple times with a closed hand by Marsh. Hale also ran over to the altercation striking A.H. in the head with a closed fist. A.H. fell to the ground while being hit. Canady ran across the dayroom, striking A.H. while he was on the ground.

The surveillance also showed Hale pushing Marsh and Canady off A.H. before stomping on him. Marsh, Canady, and Hale can then be seen stomping, kicking, and punching A.H. in the head multiple times. The assault stopped as jail staff responded to the incident.

Hale, Canady and Marsh remained in custody in the Racine County Jail as of Friday afternoon.

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