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The Racine County Eye hosted an annual pumpkin carving contest and costume contest. These contests were hosted in honor of Halloween. We were looking for creativity in the pumpkin carving designs. For the costumes, we wanted to see costumes that were original and unique.

There was an excellent turn out for participation. It made choosing a winner very difficult. However we could only pick one winner for each contest.

Who do you think should win? To see the entries of the pumpkin carving contest, click here. View the costume contest contestants by clicking here.

Costume Contest Winner

Drum roll please…The 2020 Racine County Eye Costume Contest winner is Cody Jr Lopez old and Isabella Lopez. Cody is 4 years old and Isabella is 2 years old. Check out their artistic, creative, and Frida Kahlo inspired costume.

Cody Jr Lopez and Isabella Lopez pictured above in a Frida Kahlo inspired setting

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Another drum roll…The 2020 Pumpkin Carving Contest winner is Lori Mari. She created not just one, but two pumpkins. Lori didn’t go with carving a traditional spooky face, but that’s okay, her design is awesome. What do you think?

Lori Mai’s pumpkin carving designs


As more holidays approach, stay tuned with what is happening at the Racine County Eye. Follow the Celebrations page to stay up to date. We hope that you choose to participate in future holiday contests. Thanks again to everyone who entered the Halloween contests.