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The Racine and Kenosha Quaker Fellowship, a religious organization long associated with peace and community, unequivocally supports the right of the people to freely and fairly choose the leadership of our beloved country.  We consider Trump’s refusal to accept election loss or to commit to a peaceful transfer of power to be a direct threat to our nation and an undermining of voter’s faith in democracy.  

We call on all elected officials to use their capacity to ensure that all democratic norms are respected, without intimidation or interference.  That is, to commit in advance of the election to count every ballot and refrain from announcing the results until every vote is counted.

We call on law enforcement to defend the people’s right to free assembly and to reject any unlawful or unconstitutional orders.  These include voter intimidation and protection from militia groups.

We call on all people of conscience to use their voices and nonviolent actions to manifest support for the integrity of our elections, the rule of law, and the norms laid out in the US Constitution.

The spiritual practice of Quakers of unity, equality and peace formed during a similar historical period of great division and acrimony. Our position needs to be stated today as much as it was needed almost 400 years ago.

We are not for Names, nor Men, nor Titles of Government, nor are we for this Party, nor against the other, because of its Name and Pretence; but we are for Justice and Mercy, and Truth and Peace, and true Freedom, that these may be exalted in our Nation.

~ Edward Burrough, 1634-1663


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