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All of the Racine County votes have been tallied and President Donald Trump won by about 4 points, but former Vice President Joe Biden won the state by less than a one-point margin, according to the Associated Press Further, we wanted to know more about what influenced voters the most. So we asked our readers what shaped their voting decision. 

The most common answer was law and order, with mentions of the Kenosha riots, the economy, and policy concerns.

With 74 comments, this is what the readers had to say about the Racine County Presidential Election results:

  • Tina Cheever: “Trump actually did what he said he would do and more. I couldn’t care less that he offends some. I care about the results.”
  • Star Makela: “I voted for character, integrity, and honor because I still believe, despite the numbers, Trump got, that those things are what makes this country great.”
  • Vicky Connolly: “What influenced me? The riots, the disrespect for law enforcement because of one’s actions (if the tables were turned saying all of one race is bad because of one’s actions….), the burning of small business to the ground, the name-calling and insults by everyone to each other, the lies, the fear to even leave your own home because of violence, cars being broken into, etc. I could go on for days. I warned on my page to be careful what you wish for and here we are…”
  • Di Lynn: “Economy, law and order, more jobs, tax incentives, bringing back businesses that left under the Obama admin, more programs for black Americans, better healthcare prices which includes people with pre-existing conditions. I could go on…”
  • Ed Willing: “Peace, civility, community, decency.”
  • Caren Larsen: “Pro-life, law & order, stands up to china- not in their back pocket, brought jobs back to the USA. President Trump LOVES his country. Those are just a few off the top of my head.”
  • Kimm Jentzen: “Watching the political games of the past is why I decided to vote. As a walkway from the Democratic Party with Nancy Pelosi and her “squad” I was empowered by Trump’s strength to get things done…he’s a no-nonsense guy…no not always stately but are we always?”
  • Cathy Kirk-Pyne: “Trump’s continuous lying, his lack of empathy or humanity, his inability to manage the pandemic, the loss of respect for our country by other world leaders because of his narcissism, his tacit support of white supremacists, his complete inability to even attempt to follow up on his promise of everyone getting “great healthcare” and working on our crumbling infrastructure. His tweeting inanities all night. His inability to work with others. His refusal to act as president to all citizens, etc, etc, etc.”
  • Sarah White: “He isn’t a politician. He’s a businessman. He’s weathered being attacked for 4 years and puts the country first.”
  • Jill Bucy Jansen: “Law and order and pro prosperity zones. Pro industry. Racine has every opportunity to be a beautiful, safe place to live. It could be a wonderful Main Street and be pro small business. We could be a tech hub. We need better leadership here.”

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