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All of the Racine County State Assembly incumbents retained their seats in all three races, according to the Associated Press.

Further, we wanted to know more about what voters wanted to see them accomplish over the next four years. So we asked our readers what they expect from them during the new term.

The most common answer was term limits and no gerrymandering, with comments about COVId-19, government reform, and recreational marijuana legalization.

With 51 comments, this is what the readers had to say about the Racine County State Assembly results.

  • Gail M. Eppers: “Major COVID measures! We should be locked down ASAP.”
  • CJ Rouse: “Removal of gerrymandered districts in favor of nonpartisan fair drawn districts. To not be one of the least active legislatures in the country.”
  • Chad-Tina Tusa Held: “To remove Evers from Office”
  • Cyndi Ann: “Going to work would be a good start.”
  • Joanna Platt Margosian: “Legalized recreational marijuana. Take this virus seriously!!! Give more money to our teachers and see a full investigation in all police and judicial systems. (I can dream)”
  • Christina Ann: “No gerrymandering! And term limits!”
  • Derek Gordon: “Term limits for every political office holder.”
  • Norm Drissel: “Term limits!!!!!!!”
  • Casey Rouse: “More jobs and lower the property tax squeeze. They keep raising taxes, and think about all these folks on fixed incomes.”
  • Steve Dowell: “stop the Foxconn debacle”