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Image Management, 610 Main Street, is a local business located in the heart of Downtown Racine. This business spotlight’s clientele started with one trusty company and now has expanded into serving multiple businesses in the Racine County area. The backbone of their company is their faith. Image Management shares its unwavering passion for helping others while maintaining a successful business.

Image Management is a website designing firm that creates mobile-friendly, search engine optimized web design and development. Their team is equipped with experienced web developers, SEO & SEM specialists, content writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers. To learn more about what they do, click here.

Reputable Business in Racine

In 2001, Kevin and Claire Weslaski went into business. At that time, CNH was their sole client. The Weslaski family saw the need for a website development company. Fast forward to 2020, Image Management has become “The Masters of the Website.” The 9 to 5 workday was more like 12-hour workdays, for the couple.

From left to right: Paige, Kevin, and Claire at the Racine Policeman’s Ball

This work ethic was organically embedded into their daughter’s life. Paige Weslaski, their daughter, became a crucial member of their team. Paige Weslaski serves as the Director of New Business. If you have a question, she’s your go-to girl.

Their time has been well-spent creating, developing, and producing over 1,500 websites in a matter of 19 years. Crafting marketing campaigns and expanding company brands has been a large part of the fun along the way. In Racine, they are the firm to find solutions to web design needs.

Faith is the Foundation

Image Management has let faith be the foundation of their family business. The passion to live a life that is Christ-like doesn’t stop when they exit the office doors.

From left to right: Claire, Paige, and Kevin Weslaski

Paige Weslaski says “I’ve heard it said that God gives us trees, but we need to build the tables and chairs. My parents did just that, proving to be godly stewards with their time, treasures, and talents. I strive to do the same.”

Serving Racine is one of the greatest gifts that the Weslaski family has. They believe Jesus was the greatest servant, so following his lead brings them joy. Business owners come to Image Management looking for help with a web presence. It’s faith that fuels the family business to handle clients’ needs and desires.

“Paul, the writer of half of the New Testament, was a tentmaker. I see Image Management as my ‘tent-making’ – a way to pour into the community practically and professionally,” says Paige.

Outside the Office

It’s more than just a company that can help with designing a website for your business, group or organization. Image Management’s involvement with Racine is greater than the development of websites. Through continual financial donations, the company strives to further the development of Racine as a whole.

Paige Weslaski public speaking at Gateway Technical College

The Racine Family YMCA, Racine Police Department, Wisconsin Humane Society, Racine Founders Rotary, Hope Safe House, Society’s Assets, Racine Literacy Council, Safe Haven, Kiwanis Club, Racine Health Care Network, and many others are positively influenced by the generosity of Image Management.

The Weslaski family finds that their business is a connecting point to the people of Racine. Paige Weslaski additionally serves on the Advisory Committee for Gateway Technical College. Claire Weslaski served as the 2019-2020 Racine Founders Rotary President. Kevin Weslaski is an active leader on the YMCA Board of Directors.

Supporting Image Management

Image Management is continuing to stay busy. If you are looking to support Image Management, contact them for assistance with website designs, SEO, digital marketing, graphic design, photo retouching, digital asset management, and Google Ad campaigns for many local and national businesses and organizations.

Image Management team at a Faith, Hope & Love event

The other beneficial way to support Image Management is by supporting the community. The doors at Image Management are wide open and can help you get involved if there is an interest.

The entire business is a family. It’s one of Paige’s favorite things about working there. She says, “We are a family – some by blood, others by bonds. We support, grow from and encourage each other!”

Paige also says, “when you support Image Management, you are supporting Racine families and graduates of Racine Unified School District and local colleges. Giving back is a major component of Image Management, and when you support Image Management –support gets poured right back into local organizations!”

3 Ways Support to Image Management

  1. Purchase Grow Up: Growing Your Business & Yourself – A business book for leaders to learn more about marketing
  2. Contact Image Management for a design proposal
  3. Consider partnering with Image Management on a marketing plan for your business/organization

More about Paige

  • Attend Paige’s weekly Women’s Bible study
    • Tuesday nights at The Dish starting at 6 p.m. until 7 p.m.
  • Purchase Paige’s books on Amazon by clicking here
    • Finding Your Prince is a faith-based book for young women to wait for the right person in life
  • If you would like to get in contact with Image Management, contact Paige. You can do so by:

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