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From the cafe to the frontlines, Cecily Simmons makes a difference drawing blood in the Emergency Room. She used to work in the cafeteria at Ascension All Saints Hospital, 3801 Spring Street as a high school student. She didn’t know that her role in food preparation would lead to her career.

While working in the cafe, a coworker of Cecily’s knew that Simmons wanted to be in the healthcare field. The cafeteria worker told Simmons about the hospital’s program for Phlebotomy. To get her feet wet in healthcare, Cecily applied to the Phlebotomy program. The course was a 9 week learning experience. Simmons wanted to be a nurse, but has found joy in helping patients by drawing their blood.

At 19 years old, only 6 months after graduating high school, she began her career in the Emergency Department at Ascension All Saints Hospital. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Simmons’ is showcasing heroic qualities while bettering the lives of those in Racine.

” I love drawing blood, it’s fascinating and fun. My job is drawing blood from babies, older people, and even from arteries. I love learning new things while working with educated nurses and doctors” says Simmons.

Simmons’ Excels in Emergency Medicine

For 7 years, Simmons has been exposed to a handful of difficult circumstances, including a global pandemic. However, Simmons doesn’t turn away from any tough situation. She is hands on and ready to help no matter what.

Throughout the Coronavirus crisis, Cecily Simmons has been working overtime. She is a hard worker and determined to put patients first. Clocking in 120 hours per week is just one of the sacrifices Simmons is making for Racine. Working in an Emergency Room is challenging when understaffed. Simmons values the “all hands on deck” attitude that Ascension All Saints Emergency Room exemplifies.

This Racine resident says “I love my job so much because it gave me confidence, pride, stability and motivation to always go for more in life.”

Safety First

Simmons knows that safety for patients and herself is a number one priority. Blood test results determine the course of Emergency Medicine. Simmon’s job to draw blood during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial. She faces the pressure of serving patients when they are coding or facing trauma. Following safety procedures is beneficial to both Simmons and patients.

Circumstances change, but always practicing good safety measures makes things run smoother in the ER. During these moments, Simmons comments that, ” being a phlebotomist you never know what the day will bring, always different, especially, working in ER.”

A hero like Simmons puts patients by prioritizing safety. Due to COVID-19, this step in providing care is even more important. Being safe includes wearing a mask, wearing gloves, sanitizing, using sterile needles, and always following procedure.

Becoming A Hero

“A hero is someone that is dedicated, shows up and gets the job done no matter what the circumstances are. Someone who has pride and ambitious. A person who is willing to go through the rain, hail, or fire. They are a team player” is Simmons definition of a hero.

Simmons hard work and dedication has taken her from the cafeteria to the frontlines of COVID-19. When Simmons wants something, she goes for it. Climbing the ladder, prioritizing patients, and showcasing compassion at Ascension All Saints makes her a hero.

Cecily Simmons encourages that people step foot into the healthcare field. While you may not know it, you could become a hero by becoming a phlebotomist.

“My advice for new phlebotomist is to learn as much as you can, it will make you better. Don’t be afraid of failure, don’t give up” says the experienced healthcare worker. Not giving up and having ambition to serve others is what makes Cecily Simmons the Racine County Eye Hometown Hero of the Week.

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