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The words “Some gave all and all gave some” is engraved in stone at the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 21731 Spring Street. On Veterans Day, we remember the individuals who who did just that, gave to our country.

Veterans Day is celebrated to honor those who served in the US Military on November 11 each year. According to the US Department of Defense, this day” honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace — dead or alive — although it’s largely intended to thank living veterans for their sacrifices.”

Are you looking for ways to support Veterans? Check out how you can do so by continuing to read below.

1. Donate to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is a 501(c)3 non-profit with headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. At VOW, they’re commitment is to assist homeless and at-risk veterans strive for normalcy by providing food, clothing, shelter, and other basic human needs.

Help Veterans by contributing to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. For a list of ways that you can give, click here.

2. Attend Racine County Veterans Services Drive Thru Event

Today, November 11 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. attend the “Drive Thru, Thank you for your Service” event at Veterans Terrace, 589 Milwaukee Avenue in Burlington.

Veterans at the event will stay in the vehicles due to COVID-19. A volunteer will greet and give a token of appreciation to those who are Veterans. Attend the event by cheering, honking, and lifting up the individuals in uniform who served. The 347th Air Force Recruiting Squadron will be in attendance.

For more information, check out event details here.

3. Support Operation Not Alone

The mission of Operation Not Alone is to honor and support active duty service members and veterans while connecting our communities to those in uniform. Susan Fosch, a Wisconsinite, started this initiative and it spread across numerous states and countries as a way to give back to those serving.

In different capacities, Operation Not Alone, supports service members. Support ONA as a way to support our troops. Giving to them helps provide care packages, including:

  • A handmade personalized branch-specific tie blanket
  • Cards and letters of thanks from the community
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Hygiene items
  • Everyday essentials
  • Tokens and reminders of home

COVID-19 Relief Packages are being distributed to veterans and active members of the service as a way to assist during these challenging circumstances. To contribute, connect with Operation Not Alone by visiting their website here.

Click here for more ways to support ONA and our service members.

4. Contribute to the Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Zablocki)

Veterans or active duty service members receiving medical attention at the VA Medical Center could always use support. Due to COVID-19, volunteer opportunities should be discussed with the hospital staff by contacting them here. View the wish list by clicking here. Read about ways that you can give by clicking here and take action.

If you know a Veteran or service member who is in need of medical care, help them apply to be a patient at the VA in Milwaukee. Do so by clicking here for information about becoming a patient.

5. Participate with the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross Wisconsin chapter supports Veterans year round. Participate in giving to the American Red Cross as a way to support our local heroes.

This upcoming holiday season means that there are numerous ways to get involved that impact Veterans.

  • Become a volunteer
  • Make a donation here
  • Download the Hero Care app
    • Includes access to vital emergency and non-emergency resources for military members, veterans and military families.
  • Donate blood
    • For locations near Racine, click here

There are numerous ways to support Veterans on Veterans day, but most importantly don’t forget to say thank you. Thank you is a simple gesture that means a lot to those who have served. Let individuals know that they are valued and not taken for granted.

If you are a veteran who is in need of help, contact the Racine County Eye for resources to help assist you.

Veterans Crisis Line:

For more information about Celebrations in Racine County, click here. Contact Emma Widmar at for more information.

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