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Jeff Bergman, a former educator at Washington Park High school, has influenced one of Racine’s up and coming artists. Mikeal Dollak Posch, a 2017 graduate of Washington Park High School gives credit to Mr. Bergman, for who Dollak Posch is becoming.

The Educator of the Week is a series of articles featuring Racine’s outstanding teachers. “Bergman” as the students called him dedicated nearly 30 years of service to Racine Unified School District. During those years, students like Mikeal Dollak Posch feel that they are a better person because of the impression Bergman has left on them.

About Bergman

Jeff Bergman is a graduate of University of Wisconsin Stout. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Arts Education. Additionally, Bergman has a Master’s in Education. He obtained this degree from National Louis University. Bergman was employed at Washington Park High School. He was a teacher in the Technology department.

During that time period, he was also in charge of hosting Career and Technology Awareness day. Bergman writes “this event offers more than 2500 students that attend an opportunity to see the relationship between their education and career…”

Connecting to a Career

Former student, Mikeal Dollak Posch is a prime example of connecting one’s education to their career path. Mikeal Dollak Posch was a student in Bergman’s graphic design and photo systems courses. Dollak Posch originally signed up to fill his schedule with an additional elective. He didn’t realize how influential the courses would be.

At first, the student and teacher didn’t see eye to eye. Quickly, the two overcame their differences. A challenging start to their relationship, however, doesn’t outweigh the value of Bergman’s impression on Dollak Posch. Mikeal Dollak Posch’s focus on photography grew immensely because of Bergman.

Bergman’s graphic design skills translated over to Dollak Posch and his career. Dollak Posch credits his teacher for his understanding of different art components and how they interact with each other.

“At the time, we focused on typography, collages, and color theory” says Dollak Posch. This student embarked on a journey in the tattoo industry and what he learned from Bergman has paid off.

Tapping into the Tattoo Industry

Photo courtesy of Mikeal Dollak Posch

Bergman was different than other teachers that Mikeal Dolack Posch had. Mikeal comments that Bergman’s ethic, experience and attitude was unique. He even was like a father figure to this student, guiding him to where he was going.

In high school, Mikeal Dolack Posch didn’t even pick up a pencil to draw or think about becoming a tattooist. Without Bergman, Dollak Posch wouldn’t know where he’d be. Now, Mikeal Dolack Posch is a tattoo artist at Black Hand Tattoo Gallery. He’s been in the tattoo industry for two years.

This graphic arts teacher unlocked the skills of what is now, another local artist. The two men have such a great relationship that soon Bergman will get his first tattoo by his former student. Dolack Posch and Bergman are currently in the design process to prepare for the tattoo.

If you too are looking to support a local artist, reach out to Mikeal via his Facebook page. Check out Black Hand Tattoo gallery on Facebook here. Call or stop by the shop for more information.

Helping Students Locate Careers

Bergman is an individual who is acceptive of the changes in his life. This former eductor now works as the Youth Apprenticeship/Workplace Learning Coordinator at Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC). He is still actively involved with Racine Unified School District helping students find and maintain employment.

Mikeal Dollack Posch is just one story we are sharing. We know many who have been influenced by Bergman’s efforts to make students career ready. More stories will unfold in the future as Bergman continues to apply his approach in the field.

Thank you Jeff Bergman for your dedication to students and the arts. If you want to read more stories about the Arts & Entertainment, click here. Read about other educators who have made a difference in the lives of students by clicking here.

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