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Experienced nurse, Sue Biddle, has served the local area for over 35 years. The pandemic isn’t stopping her from assisting patients and caring for those in need. Where Biddle is needed, she helps. It’s a moment like this where her daughter, Elaina Keiser, sees just how valuable her mother’s skills are to the community.

Biddle, was an employee of Ascension All Saints, 3801 Spring Street for 33 years. In this role, she was an Endoscopy nurse. In 2019, she transitioned to working at the Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, 10101 S 27th Street in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Rising to the Occasion

At the beginning of the pandemic, the unit that Biddle works in faced a closure. Stepping up to serve, she began working in the ER and other units of the hospital. It was her job to ensure that everyone was wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). With the COVID-19 pandemic striking record breaking numbers, her role has been extremely important.

Sue Biddle and her husband, Ray Biddle.

This Racine resident doesn’t take this pandemic lightly. Maintaining safety protocols keep patients, herself, and staff safe. Her daughter says “additionally, she is always taking her time to get to know her patient and make them comfortable and has been doing this since day one.”

Circumstances have shifted, but Biddle’s priority is always taking care of others. She is a hero for helping so many people and being there for them in moments of distress and need.

Mother and Wife

Sue Biddle is a nurse, but she is also a loving mother and wife. These motherly instincts present themselves when taking care of others. Serving her community as a nurse has made a huge impact on the lives of those living in and around Racine.

Biddle enjoys being with her family when she’s not working. In 2013, she married Ray Biddle. They have 3 daughters, Michaela (Ezequiel) Gutierrez, Natasha Keiser, and Elaina Keiser. She is the grandmother of Ezequiel David Gutierrez. Nothing beats being with her family and especially holding her grandson.

Sue and her grandson

Compassion isn’t a quality that Biddle lacks. In many areas of her life, she’s extends graciousness to others. Her patients are treated like family and that’s also what makes her a hero.

Inspiring the Future

Sue Biddle is an inspiration to future healthcare workers. Biddle took one semester of courses at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, but did not continue there due to having her own medical needs. However, she is a part of the 1984 graduating class from Gateway Technical College.

Biddle encourages nursing students and professional nurses to continue to educate themselves. Obtaining an Associate’s degree is great, but continuing to strive for a Bachelor’s degree can open job opportunities. In the nursing profession, there are many avenues that can be taken.

2020 may be the biggest learning opportunity that nurses face. Biddle even continues to learn despite being in the field for so many years. It’s her approach to nursing that makes her stand out. 

Support Nurses

Nurses are the calming factor for many patients. If you are a patient, especially during these chaotic times, be patient. Nurses are working overtime. They are trying their best and nothing makes them more happy than to know you are safe and healthy.

To support nurses, please continue to wear your mask. Stay home for the holidays as a way to show respect to those who are serving in hospitals. While it is difficult to adjust to these circumstances, nothing shows more consideration to those in the healthcare field.

Pablo (Natasha’s boyfriend), Natasha, Zeke, Michaela, Kelly (Adam’s wife/widow), Adam, Mom, Ray, Cindy, and Eliana

Thanksgiving is upon us. Nurses know what it like to miss out on the holiday fun because they are working. While they sympathize with you, it’s best to remain distant from extended families and to not gather in person this holiday season.

Celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday by:

  • Host a virtual Zoom dinner
  • Make a dish for a neighbor and leave it on their porch
  • Shop online, preferably local establishments
  • Decorate your house
  • Send a note expressing gratitude to a friend
  • Participate in the Racine County Eye’s #racinegratitudeproject
    • Click here to view how
  • Send a thank you note to your healthcare provider/nurse

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