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Racine is a special place that leaves an impression on those who live here and those who visit here. Foreign Exchange student, Carolin Brühl, from Germany will forever be thankful for her time spent in Racine. This Thanksgiving, she reflects on her time in Wisconsin.

The Racine Gratitude project does not exclude anyone from participating, even if you are in a different country. Brühl shares that in 2015 she called Racine her home away from home for 9 months. Carolin Brühl isn’t the first in her family to travel to the states.

Steve Brühl, Carolin’s father traveled to Racine from Germany in the 1980’s. He was a foreign exchange student too. His journey to Racine was so remarkable that his kids followed his footsteps. Staying connected to his host family in Racine meant that his daughter’s would then grow to love this city.

Thankful for Racine

In the middle of a global pandemic, Carolin Brühl is using what she learned from her gym teacher to help her navigate her life. She was a student at St. Catherine’s High School. Without a doubt, she says that Racine changed her for the better.

Taking Wisdom with her

“Something that is stuck in my mind from that time is something my PE teacher told me once, ‘You are the author of your own life story.’ And this is now the motto for my life.”

This once stubborn teenager is changed forever because of her experiences in Racine. She says “This time changed myself to a student who now has a plan for her future.” She has hopes to build a family and become a pediatric oncologist. She is currently studying in the medical field.

Additionally, Carolin Brühl says ” I’m really thankful for the time that I got to spend in the US and that my parents and my host family gave me the opportunity to learn and experience what life is like in the US. I’m also thankful for the people that I learned to know while I lived there.”

Racine Gratitude Project shares stories of thankfulness and gratitude, even if you do live halfway around the world. Racine makes a difference in all of the lives. So join us in sharing what you are thankful for. Be a part of the Racine Gratitude Project by emailing a submission to

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