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A local photographer is participating in the #RacineGratitudeProject as a way to show her appreciation for Racine and Lake Michigan. Wendy Schreier Photography is award Winning Wedding & Commercial Photographer who reflects on the beauty of the place she calls home.

The #RacineGratitudeProject aims to uplift, encourage, and promote positivity in Racine County. This holiday season Racine residents are sharing what fills their hearts with gratitude.

Wendy Ott (Schreier) says I am grateful for the ever changing, but never changing beauty of Lake Michigan.” If that doesn’t say Racine, what does? Lake Michigan is at the tips of our fingers and filling this city with beauty. Wendy Schreier Photography is taking advantage of the landscape through her business.

She comments saying “I run along her, sit on her shore, watch her waves slowly roll against the sand. Witness her angry tide smash the breakwater and her glossy surface sit as if she has stopped time. Each day she shares the shades and tones of blue, teal, gray we all know her by. As the sun nears dusk she puts on her pastel show, reflecting the sunset of the western sky, lulling the calming of the day.”

Wendy Schreier Photography’s photo of Lake Michigan

#RacineGratitudeProject submissions are currently still being taken. If you are interested in sharing a story of thankfulness, participate by sending an email to

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