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Proper lighting in your home sets the scene for many things. Indoors, when you’re reading, cooking, or eating, you’d like it brighter. Similarly, when all the chores are completed and it’s time to relax, you may be looking for a dimmer mood lighting.

While those are your goals for indoors, outdoors you want secure lighting that’s unchanging. Something that’s uniformed to pull the whole look together, yet still useful for illuminating dark areas. When making decisions about the lighting around your home, consider what you need to enhance your home’s lighting.

Indoor Lighting

In the same way that home décor patterns, colors, and materials go out of style, lighting fixtures can too. Suddenly you find yourself staring at a set of bulbs behind a frosted plate, wondering if there is a better, newer option for the look you’re trying to create in your house.

Typically, as people start to update and modernize their homes, they choose a theme or style. Have you seen Edison bulbs? These bulbs resemble something you would imagine the very first light bulbs to have looked like. They go with both steampunk and rustic styles, which are both very “in” right now and style trends that age well. They can be matched with any fixture of your choice and work well on dimmer switches if you choose to go that route.

There are a lot of options for lighting fixtures and bulbs. Having dimmers installed on your light switches allows you to adjust the brightness depending on what you’re doing. This eliminates the need for lamp placement all over and allows your outlets to be freed up. Tailoring your indoor lighting to fit your needs will make your home feel completely different.  

Outdoor Lighting

In the same way that indoor lighting aids in creating a new look and feel for your home, having proper outdoor lighting is essential. Outdoor lighting provides illumination at night that contributes to accessibility and safety. Having a well-lit walkway, driveway, and yard may not only prevent unwanted visitors from sneaking around your property, but makes it safer for you and guests as well.

Well-placed and installed outdoor lighting should be uniform. This consistency of light color and fixture type will make your home’s exterior look more put together. Many companies offer exterior lighting options that help contribute to the aesthetics of your home. These lights should complement your outdoor set up to enhance your home’s lighting. Lighting solutions can be integrated into trees or foliage, the ground, the house, rocks, or other objects outside your house.

Deciding on better ways to light the interior and exterior should be fun. Try not to stress too much about it and work in sections. Finding the perfect type of lighting to bring your visions for your property to life may take time. Luckily, there are so many exciting and unique options available to make your space truly your own.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.