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Safe driving is crucial when you make a living on the road, but snow, ice, and other weather hazards can pose a challenge to your trucking routes. You must prepare for whatever the road will throw at you. From essential tools for maintenance to your favorite cozy blanket, the right supplies will keep you warm and safe even in the middle of a storm. Make sure your rig is ready with this list of what you need to bring on a winter trucking route.

Warm Clothes and Accessories

Any winter adventure calls for plenty of layers. Make sure your bags are full of warm, comfortable clothes that can withstand the elements. Dress in layers, especially if you’re going to spend a significant amount of time outside. Warm clothes aren’t the only things you need, though. Waterproof accessories are also vital in winter weather. Make sure you have a durable pair of gloves and boots that keep your feet dry even in the snow and ice. A warm hat, thick socks, and portable hand warmers should also make the list of what you need to bring on a winter trucking route. You’ll appreciate having these things when you’re nice and toasty as you drive on those wintery roads.

Tools for Winter Maintenance

Your winter clothes will keep you safe in bad weather, but you also need supplies to take care of your vehicle this season. In fact, preparing your vehicle with the essentials is one of the most crucial tips for truckers driving in the snow. Never head out on a trucking job without the basic winter maintenance supplies: an ice scraper and snow brush, jumper cables, antifreeze, and more. It’s also a good idea to have spare windshield wipers on hand in case of a particularly bad storm. Truck drivers should also keep tire chains and some form of ice melt with them. Some states and routes even require tire chains during very bad conditions, so keep them with you during the winter months.

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