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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) introduces new special license plates which are available for $15, in addition to the regular registration fee.

Local 139 of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), which represents heavy equipment operators in the construction industry, sponsors a new special license plate. It is available to members of IUOE Local 139. Forms to order the plate are available through the union.

Keeping the Lights On special plate recognizes the work of Wisconsin utility workers and is available to anyone.

The original Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin special license plate, first introduced 2018, has a new design and reflects the organization’s new name, Children’s Wisconsin. In addition to the issuance fee and regular registration fee for non-personalized plates, an additional $25 annual donation will go to Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Plates may be personalized for an extra $15 fee each year. Wisconsin DMV offers an online personalize plate search to find out if a choice for a personalized license plate is available. The regular registration fee for the vehicle (which may include wheel tax) applies.

Process for new plate development

Organizations are able to offer plates that recognize their group by following DMV’s authorized special group license plates process. Along with completing the application, there is a development fee and the group must compile 500 signatures from Wisconsin residents in support of the plate.

Wisconsin DMV currently offers 54 special license plates ( from various organizations, as well as plates with collector, hobbyist, military, and disabled designations.


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