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With the pandemic that we currently face, most businesses have created an online portal where consumers can still buy from them even during lockdowns. Some of these online businesses are doing great, while some were not so fortunate.

If you are one of these businesses struggling to keep up with your competition that has a better experience or knowledge about online entrepreneurship, here are some tips on how you can build a successful online business.

Serve, Don’t Sell

Of course, your ultimate goal would be to sell. It is the primary purpose of your business, after all. But what if it doesn’t work? This is an online business technique. You must know your target market’s needs, problems, and concerns to help you serve them what they need. And by serving them what they need, you can make sure that what you are offering will sell.

This technique will earn the trust of the consumers that will ultimately turn into sales. Show how you can relate to their concerns and speak to them through your marketing strategies such as social media marketing, content marketing, and many more ways to communicate with your consumers.

Offer Delivery

People purchase products online for convenience, and offering a delivery service to your customers would be logical. Set a standard for your business with the products or services that you are offering. After you have set this standard, try to surpass that limit.

It is important to provide this service on your first offerings to create a good impression on your consumers. You can offer both free or charged delivery to your consumer’s doorstep depending on which offer fits. Free delivery would entice the customer but make sure that you won’t suffer financial loss.


Although you are good at running a business, you can not do everything, and there is nothing wrong with that. Nobody’s perfect. You might be good in some aspects of your business, but let’s face it, there are also sides of your business that are giving you a hard time to manage. This is where outsourcing comes into play.

There are so many benefits in outsourcing, such as cost efficiency, better and faster service, focus on expertise, and many more. In the past, outsourcing was only attainable by big companies, but today even small and start-up businesses can go for outsourcing.

Protect Your Business’ Reputation

Reputation is one of the most important things to make your online business successful. If you build a good reputation, customers will return and purchase from you repeatedly. Make sure that you do your business properly, as the slightest mistake can ruin your reputation.

Some tools can help you monitor how people react to your business. You can monitor any mention of your brand by setting up Google Alerts to notify you of any mentions of your brand over the internet.

Learn to accept customer complaints and deal with them properly with patience and calmness, even if they are the one in the wrong. Practice yourself to have a problem-solving mindset to help your customer with their concern and to be able to create trust between you and the customers.

Manage Your Finances Correctly

This tip should be applied to every business, not only in online businesses. Properly managing your finances can result in your business’ success, especially if you acquired a loan to finance your business.

Remember, interest rates are based on the amount of money people owe, and the larger the amount you borrowed, the more you should need to manage your finances. Cut down on expenses by eliminating unnecessary expenditures and find an alternative to which you can save money.

Create A Tempting Page

Your business is now based online and presenting your products online in an attractive way is essential. You may not be the only one offering these products. You have your competition also finding ways to step up their game.

Now, it is only in the matter of who presents it best to gain more customers. Present your products so that the person looking at it will end up purchasing your product. You can search for a way to make your products more desirable.

Know Your Competition

To excel in this industry, you need to know and study your competition. Watch your competition’s every move and improvement so that you can plan your own that will exceed their efforts. You can think of ways to beat them, such as discounts and freebies.

It is also essential to take care of your existing customers and never forget to thank them for their patronage. These existing customers of yours can also market your products by word of mouth, especially if you treated them with care.


Running an online business is just the same as running a traditional business but with a twist. You will only need to exert extra effort and educate yourself on handling online businesses, especially on how to entice the new generation to support your brand.


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