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Moving companies, and the moving industry in general, are beset with challenges in Wisconsin, and other Midwestern states. Foremost among them is the fact that moving companies generally have a bad reputation. In the United States, the problems with moving industry were compounded by lack of leadership, oversight, and regulation. For example, during the 1980s, pretty much anyone could get a truck and started moving company. Scant attention was paid to the quality of the moving services provided. As such, reputable moving companies were lumped in the same category as disreputable moving companies.

Like any business, a moving company needs to have protocols in place to ensure timely, efficient, safe, and cost-effective services to customers. It is sacrosanct that the quality and integrity of goods being moved from point A to point B remains identical – that goes without saying. Yet, many moving companies are reckless with customer goods (furniture, electronic equipment, pianos, clothing, accessories, appliances, machinery, accouterments, et al), and this is a serious concern.

Many movers do not adequately wrap up furniture with fabric, bubble wrap, or protective coverings to prevent scratches, dings, dents, breaks, and other damage. Companies staked their entire reputation on safely transporting and delivering the contents of the customer’s home. Any mishaps can instantly obliterate a company’s reputation. But there are many other considerations to bear in mind, notably the infrastructure network of the moving company in question.

Established Moving Companies Have a Lot More to Offer

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A moving company with a limited number of trucks cannot possibly hope to scale operations unless heavy investments are made in manpower, vehicles, customer service, scheduling systems, and the like. JK Moving is a reputable, trusted, and experienced moving company that understands its clientele’s expectations, and acts accordingly. From inception to delivery in Racine county, this company is competitively priced, with user-friendly services. With mobile moving apps, customizable relocation package options, and exceptional customer service, clients are assured of top-quality moving services throughout.

This moving company is involved in commercial and residential relocation, as well as storage services. You can see how it compares – it does everything necessary to protect its reputation, satisfied customers, and deliver on expectations. This is one of many reputable moving companies that understands the difficulties faced by the industry, and actively works to dispel the bad reputation received by many moving companies. The moving industry acts as its own worst enemy at times. The absence of regulation during the 80s and 90s allowed many bad actors to infiltrate the industry and soil the reputation of good movers.

It’s Not Just the Move – It’s the Moving Process that Matters

Customer service is a big part of the deal, since movers must come into your personal space – your home or office – and behave in a way that is amenable and acceptable. Poorly behaved movers naturally rub people the wrong way, and this is bad for business. The industry is slowly coming to grips with the challenges it faces, but it’s largely word-of-mouth referrals of good moving services that helps to boost this industry. Clients are learning that certain standards must be in place to service check marks for the moving industry. It begins with the customer service department, via telephone, email, online chat or the mobile moving app, and continues with timely, professional, polite, and prompt delivery and moving services, on both ends – pickup and drop-off.

That’s all it takes to deliver on expectations. A seamless, painless, hassle-free moving experience is readily available to clients with reputable moving companies.


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