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When you’re starting your new job at a factory, learning how to properly communicate while working is one of the most important skills you’ll utilize. As you learn how to manage your way around the workplace and work on a team of skilled superiors, take the initiative to better your communication skills. These communication tips for new factory workers are essential for any factory employee who wants to quickly advance through the ranks.

Know Who To Talk To First

The chain of communication is essential in any workplace when it comes to problem-solving and training. As you progress through training, be sure to solidify your personal chain of command. Knowing who to talk to about different subjects and issues that will come up as you work before they become a problem. Remembering the chain of command now will save you from an embarrassing situation later if you talk to the wrong people.

Learn How To Use Your Communication Devices

It may sound like a simple task to learn how to use your equipment, especially communication devices, but when you hear someone that doesn’t know how to use a two-way radio, you’ll understand the value of truly comprehending your equipment. Learn everything about the devices that your company uses, down from the basics up to the more advanced concepts, such as the locations of the dead zones (if any) in the factory. If your company uses applications on the radios or uses a different more advanced communication system, educate yourself just as much about the features they provide.

With COVID regulations in place, you may need to use a mask while performing your duties. Make sure you consider how to communicate with a mask on to keep the workday moving as smoothly as possible.

Ask Questions

There’s very little room for error in a factory setting, especially if you want to progress in the field. Recognize the people who will answer any questions you might have. It might be your superior or mentor, but there are some questions that you may leave to slightly more experienced coworkers. Whoever you decide to direct your questions to, make sure it’s someone trustworthy. As one of the most important communication tips for new factory workers, as long as the situation isn’t time-sensitive, it’s better to ask questions first rather than make a mistake that could cost you your job and put people in danger.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.