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Summer is the best season for taking on home improvement projects. It’s easier to work outside, transport heavy materials, and ventilate your house. But that doesn’t mean that you must hibernate once the weather gets cold. These great winter home improvement projects are perfect for when it’s too cold to do anything else.

Seal Windows

Winter is hard on everyone’s energy bills, but it takes a bigger toll when cold air seeps in directly from the outside. Cracks around the windows are one of the biggest culprits for this issue, so winter is the perfect time to take on this task. While you’re checking for gaps around the windows, make sure you keep an eye on other likely locations, such as doors and vents. Sealing these gaps could help lower your energy bill, as heat won’t escape and cold air won’t get in.

Interior Paint

With the snow and sleet, painting the exterior of your home isn’t an option in the winter. However, your interior is warm and dry and ready for paint, and since the air is less humid in the winter, you can expect paint to dry faster in the colder months. Of course, ventilation during painting is still important, so you may need to allow a little winter chill in the home while the paint dries. But if you use low or no-VOC paint, you can expect less noxious fumes.

Tree Maintenance

Just because the garden is dormant in the winter doesn’t mean you have to ignore it until spring. In fact, winter is the perfect time to prune and trim trees. Pruning trees leaves them vulnerable to disease-carrying beetles, so it’s best to do this when the bugs are gone in the winter. But this is one winter home improvement project you don’t want to do yourself. A certified arborist can trim a tree without harming it or the surrounding property.