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Quirky Cookies is one local teacher’s dream coming to life. Tammy Vallone-Seaberg was an educator at both Racine Unified School District and Kenosha Unified School District. As a retiree, she’s transformed her house into her own cookie business.

Vallone-Seaberg has been a lifelong baker, but she has the COVID-19 pandemic to thank for kickstarting her company. For as long as she can remember, she’s invested her time into baking. Her love for baking started as a child.

As a mother, she baked for her children. When friends needed baked goods, they call Vallone-Seaberg. If there’s an occasion, she’s bringing cookies. Now, she’s serving Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.

Creating Cookies

Tammy Vallone-Seaberg, owner of Quirky Cookies

“It makes me so happy to create cookies from the best ingredients, individualized to represent the person receiving them and their interests,” says the owner of Quirky Cookies.

Every cookie that pops out of the Quirky Cookie kitchen is made with love. What’s so Quirky about these cookies? Instead of being topped with royal icing, Vallone-Seaberg uses buttercream to make her delicious treats. Every cookie is individual and uniquely its own. That’s what separates her business from others. Vallone-Seaberg strives to achieve a great taste, but also prides herself in eliminating preservatives in her pastries.

Recently, she’s even added keto options to her menu. Yes, this means you can cut the carbs and indulge in all of the sweetness that you want. Are you gluten-free or planning to go gluten-free? You’re in luck because Quirky Cookies has these options available for you too. Check out a list of her most commonly baked goods here, but don’t be afraid to ask for a custom order.

They’re called “Quirky Cookies” because of how individualized they can be and, while presentation matters, Vallone-Seaberg says she is “more focused on what’s inside the cookie and how it tastes.”

Cottage Industry

Vallone-Seaberg is in what is called the “Cottage Industry.” Read more about the Cottage Food Industry and Home Bakery Business here. Quirky Cookies is run out of her own home, and that’s what makes it special. She says, “I love baking in my own kitchen at home.”

However, what has started as a small business has truly taken off. Quirky Cookies ships to all 50 states, and even most recently, her cookies made it overseas. There’s no limit as to where this business may go.

In fact, Quirky Cookies is going places that Vallone-Seaberg never imagined. One customer in particular recently purchased cookies for her husband. He’s deployed overseas. It took about a month for the cookies to get there, but the Vallone-Seaberg explained that the service member was overjoyed to get a bite of her tasty treats.

Quirky Cookies offers free delivery to local customers. Vallone-Seaberg says her husband is her delivery driver and her sister often helps out with orders. This is an all hands on deck approach. Even if you aren’t located in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, you too can have cookies. There is shipping available, and you can expect your dessert to arrive fresh and delicious.

Sweet Treats

Quirky Cookies offers something for everyone and even lets you become a part of the decorating team. While you can purchase cookies that are made to order, you can also purchase Cookie Kits. This is a great way to know that you are getting a tasty cookie, but you can help with the craft of it. See what’s included in the kits by clicking here.

The next Cookie Kit launch takes place for Valentine’s day. This is a great way to support a local business, but also a fun way you could spend Valentine’s day. If you aren’t the decorating type, consider purchasing a sweet treat for your significant other.

Quirky Cookies has cookies for you. If you are interested in what this business has to offer, check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here to stay up to date with what’s cookin’ in the kitchen.

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