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A snow emergency has been declared for the City of Racine. The National Weather Service predicts a significant snowfall on Saturday January 30, 2021 until Sunday January 31, 2021. Per section 94-216 of the municipal code, Commissioner of Public Works, John Rooney declares a snow emergency.

A snow emergency is in effect from midnight until 11 p.m. on Sunday January 31, 2021. This is a notice for the City of Racine. With this plan it will help to aid the city’s snow removal operations.


Parking restrictions will apply will under this snow emergency. There will be no parking permitted ob either side of the city’s arterial and collector streets. As always, alternate side parking will be in effect from 2 a.m. until 6 p.m. per the City of Racine’s ordinance.

Parking restrictions during this time will allow snow removal to occur in an effective manner. Vehicles that are parked in violation of these restrictions will be ticketed, and subjected to towing.

To view an outline of the Snow Emergency Parking Restriction locations click here.

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