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Kelly Scroggins-Powell founded Restoration Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with the motivation to assist people in need. Through this ministry, they rebuild lives by providing support services.

The organization was established in 2006. Scroggins-Powell lived in Indiana when the organization was first created. However, when moving back to Racine, she brought Restoration Ministries with her. She has been facilitating within the local area since 2015.

Her own life and experiences, being a single parent and dealing with homelessness, helped lead her to where she is today. Feelings of empowerment drove Scroggins-Powell to create second chances for those who need them.

Scroggins-Powell says, “I am a survivor. I am living a life serving others. I want people to thrive, not just get by.”

Serving Racine Through Support

Through different support services, Restoration Ministries focuses on getting people back on their feet. This group serves anyone who is in need of assistance. The program is unique in the way that they provide support services. They are highly invested in transforming lives by focusing on the whole person.

Those receiving services may include:

  • people who are homeless
  • individuals who are being reunited with their children after being separated
  • people reentering society after incarceration
  • survivors of domestic abuse
  • those recovering from addiction
  • members of society who are recovering from abuse
  • any individual of any age, background, religion who is struggling and needs help

Services Provided

This faith-based ministry prioritizes people no matter their past or circumstance. Support services look different for each individual that is involved with Restoration Ministries. What services does this community-based organization provide?

Where there is a need, Restoration Ministries is determined to offer guidance. Services provided are not limited to the ones listed below.

Restoration Ministries Services include:

  • one on one case management
  • housing assistance
  • rent assistance
  • technology assistance
  • transportation
  • employment search assistance
  • clothing assistance
  • group empowerment sessions
  • referrals
    • therapy
    • other community programs
  • food assistance
  • COVID-19 wellness assistance
    • care package distribution

Rebuilding Lives

Stabilizing people by providing tools and resources is one of the steps that lead to successfully rebuilding lives. Instilling feelings of empowerment and confidence are equally as important in ensuring that someone gets on the right track.

Restoration Ministries focuses on rebuilding lives and building back the self-esteem and self-assurance of their clients. Individuals are likely to have blemishes on their records and to have experienced trauma if they are receiving help from this organization. This is a second chance, another opportunity to start over. Without shame, Restoration Ministries focuses on growth and not dwelling.

“We try to rebuild and give them the tools they need, even after mistakes or after enduring traumatic circumstances,” says Scroggins-Powell.

How to Help

This nonprofit functions because of the help of community members. Funding is financed solely based on donations. The services are also provided with the help of those who donate their time too.

Examples of how you can help:

  • donate household furnishes
  • make cash donations
  • host activities and services
  • help coordinate services
  • supply and deliver items
  • become a landlord that works with the ministry

Specifically, as of right now, Restoration Ministries is looking to help house community members. Through their Second Chance Housing Program, they are looking to provide housing for 2 families.

Restoration Ministries is actively searching for empathic, compassionate, and understanding landlords to help provide safe housing and household supplies. Scroggins-Powell says, “a mother of 4 children needs a 3 bedroom space as soon as possible. As well, a single man needs a 1 bedroom or efficiency apartment.”

Contact Restoration Ministries Inc if you are able to get involved or help in any capacity.

Connect with the ministry

The beauty of this organization is the flexibility that they provide. If you are in need of help or would like to help out within the ministry, call 262-744-5362 or email 

This ministry works to have someone responding to calls at any and every time. Scroggins-Powell says, “if I have learned anything, it is that crises can happen at any time, not just during office hours. With the help of volunteers, we are there when people need it.”

Additional Information

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