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Like every true Wisconsinite, love is bonded at places like ball games and breweries. James and Lorin never imagined that they’d meet each other once and it would turn into something so special. They didn’t know it in the moment, but everything happened for a reason.

The First Meet

In June of 2018, a coworker of Lorin’s and a friend of James invited them to a Brewer’s game. At this time, they both were seeing other people. The enjoyed each others company at the game and the Brewers came out with a win. At this point, they were nothing more than ball fans.

They didn’t know then, that a day at the ball park, would then become a part of their story together.


Fast forward to 2019, Lorin made the move from Racine to Milwaukee. She was new to the area and about to embark on new love, whether she knew it or not. One of her first few nights in town was spent out with friends.

Just as Lorin was leaving one bar to go to another, she quickly made a choice to not take an Uber to the next place. This decision made all the world of a difference. She met with another friend, and posted some photos on social media.

The same co-worker that took Lorin to the baseball game saw the photos she posted online. The co-worker invited her to meet up in the Milwaukee area. So she went, and without knowing it, James was there.

That night they hit it off. They were in good company and within 2 weeks of this night out on the town, they started dating.

Lorin says,” Something just felt so right. He was a breath of fresh air, and brought out all of the best sides of myself.”

Everything Happens for a Reason

After dating for some time, James came out to tell Lorin that the night they re-met, he wasn’t meant to be in town. Like Wisconsinites love to do, he was meant to be up north. However, a tragedy occurred and his uncle was in a fatal car accident.

James made the choice to stay near family and not go on his trip. He debated even going out the night that they met. Since meeting Lorin, he knows that the gut feeling he had was for a reason.

Just like Lorin, she went with her instincts. The couple firmly believes that they were destined to meet. There’s no denying their love.

Perfect Timing

“As I am a Christian woman, I believe that God has a plan for everything. His timing will succeed all. I have no doubt in my mind that he brought James and I together at the perfect time,” says Lorin.

The two are happily living together and have enjoyed making their house a home. They’ve adopted a dog and are looking forward to where love takes them next.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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