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Riley Reed knew she found the one because the person she is with, supports all of who she is. The couple met at Depaul University, where they attend school. Ironically, the two love birds are from the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Even though they attended the same high school, it wasn’t until the going got tough that they connected. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Reed found love.

Finding Love

Reed found comfort during quarantine when she was able to talk to her partner. They initially connected on a dating app, Bumble. When they felt it was safe to do so, they met at the school campus coffee shop. It happens to be Reed’s favorite. From there, her girlfriend became one of the few people she got to physically be with during lockdown.

Reed says, “we were able to find ways to spend quality time together and be creative with how we came up with dates. A lot of the traditional things were off limits and also being a queer couple, we weren’t very traditional.”

They’ve made the most of it. This experience has helped them discover more about each other. Reed and her partner have found love in its truest form.

True Love

They’ve had to navigate more than just a pandemic. As a same sex couple, there have been road blocks in the way. One easy path has been one to Reed’s partners heart. True love is being yourself with another person. Reed has that in her life because of who she is with.

“She’s who I feel comfortable dating” says Reed. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. Today, Reed and her significant other get to embrace who they are and the love they have for one another.

Reed says, “It took me a long time to get to the point where I felt comfortable expressing that.” Reed is secure in her feelings and knowing that this love story is a real one.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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