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Holly McManus, 35, is throwing her hat in the ring to run against incumbent Dave Prott on April 6, 2021, for Caledonia Village Trustee seat #5. To read more about other races, click here.

Where do you live? 1622 Four Mile Rd, Caledonia, WI

How long have you lived there? 5 years

Age? 35

Spouse or partner’s name? Jason

If you have children, please include their ages? Two-year-old daughter

What is your current profession? Police Detective

What position are you applying for? Caledonia Village Board of Trustee, Seat #5

Holly McManus outlines her vision for Caledonia

What motivated you to seek out this seat? I was approached by local community members to get involved in a leadership capacity for our Village. I’ve always wanted to serve my community as an elected official. I have the support of my family, friends, and employer, so this seemed like the perfect time to begin my new path. I believe that I can make a difference for the Village of Caledonia.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job? I am outgoing, responsible, and motivated. I enjoy working with others to accomplish goals. Further, I am not afraid to have an opinion that differs from my colleagues, but I am still respectful of other thoughts and methods. I believe I am approachable and easy to talk with. Also, I have a lot of experience with working with others from all walks of life and have my own life experiences that make me relatable to the public. I entered law enforcement to help people, and I believe I can make a difference on a local level as well.

Name three things you would like to see change with how things are being done. I want to encourage more involvement from the community; especially those with extensive experience in the private sector to assist in making decisions that impact growth, economic development, and the marketing of Caledonia. I would promote small business and encourage citizens to shop small. Further, I support keeping large businesses in areas zoned for business development, and would encourage industrial growth along the I-94 corridor because we have made the investment in utilities. I also would promote community outdoor activities by supporting park and outdoor development.

What resources would you need to have to accomplish that? I would gain a full understanding of the current thinking of the board with regard to development, long term planning & financial position. I have the motivation to obtain community support, and also the willingness to work with others.

What would success look like and how would you measure that success? Caledonia’s diverse zoning is important to keep us different and desirable to people looking at moving to Southeastern Wisconsin. Further, I believe that lifestyle is part of what makes Caledonia a special place to live. It is also important to keep Caledonia property taxes stable to encourage the residential and business growth we desire. Open public green space provided to the public by Caledonia parks and other local non-profits should be encouraged to expand to support our growing community’s interests and needs. It is also essential to maintain safety and security in Caledonia through positive relations with our police.

How would you seek buy-in from either the community and/or your colleagues to accomplish those tasks? I believe that open communication and accountability are key for any community leader. We are elected to the Board to represent the citizens of Caledonia. Further, I would promote multiple methods of communication including social media, email, and phone, to encourage and support involvement. I will also value the voices of those citizens who come to speak out on the issues as they arise, as elected officials are there to make decisions for the citizens.

What characteristics do you bring to the table to accomplish those tasks? I have extensive experience in community relations. I have also worked with the media and public to accomplish tasks and promote ideas. I’m determined, hardworking, and honest. Above all, my integrity is one of my most valuable attributes. I also have written and verbal communication skills, and I believe in the importance of public transparency and accountability.


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