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Rocco Castellano will run against Mark Schall on April 6, 2021, for North Bay Village Trustee. To read more about other races, click here.

Where do you live? North Bay

How long have you lived there? 4 1/2 years

Age? 46

Spouse or partner’s name? Dr. Irina Ciubotaru

If you have children, please include their ages? 8 and 10

What is your current profession? Architect

What position are you applying for? President

Rocco Castellano outlines his vision for North Bay

What motivated you to seek out this seat? Inspired to give back to my community.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job? In my practice of architecture, I lead teams of people with diverse experiences to accomplish a singular goal. I see this as being true for roles in local government as well.

Name three things you would like to see change with how things are being done. I do not see my role as changing the quality of our small community but rather preserving the peace and harmony that currently exists therein. We as a community will have a few impending infrastructure challenges on the horizon that will require strong leadership especially in the field of construction. My background and experience can benefit my community in this regard.

What resources would you need to have to accomplish that? Community connectivity is essential to the success of this vision.

What would success look like and how would you measure that success? I guess success could be measured by how the community sees itself. If we are proud to be a members of our community, and I can contribute to this, I would consider the level of community pride as a metric for assessing success.

How would you seek buy-in from either the community and/or your colleagues to accomplish those tasks? Presently, our local leaders bear the responsibility of being the fiduciaries of all things associated with our community. Public interaction often occurs when something goes wrong or when there is disharmony. As president, I would encourage more community engagement and to empower our community to have an active voice in shaping our future.

What characteristics do you bring to the table to accomplish those tasks? I believe that the current and returning trustees are very talented group and are performing at the highest standard for a community our size. As president, I would rely on their talent, advice and expertise. I can bring to the board of trustees my personal and professional background as an architect to add to their collective strengths for the good of the community.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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