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Incumbent Susan C. Sanabria, 72, will face John Polodna for Wind Point Village Trustee on April 6, 2021. To read more about other races, click here.

Where do you live? Wind Point

How long have you lived there? 15 years

Age? 72

Spouse or partner’s name? Joseph

If you have children, please include their ages: None

What is your current profession? Retired

What position are you applying for? President, Village of Wind Point

What motivated you to seek out this seat? Seeking reelection in order to maintain low taxes, high quality services, strong financial oversight and flexibility to adapt to future needs.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job? Strong record with 8 years of experience on Village Board, 4 as Village President. The Village is very professionally run with highly skilled, service-minded staff, high quality contractors for waste/recycling and fire/emergency services. Redesigned and improved Village Green Park, funded shoreline protection at the Lighthouse. Retained strong financial oversight and controls to keep taxes low.

Name three things you would like to see change with how things are being done?Village is well managed today. Would like to see increased community-wide interaction, a tree survey to evaluate the need for replanting after the loss of ash trees; a new survey to ask residents what services or projects are needed to enhance Village management or quality of life.

What resources would you need to have to accomplish that? Cost of tree replanting unknown until budgeted survey is completed. Other costs not known until residents communicate their needs.

What would success look like and how would you measure that success? Success would be measured by the regular resident satisfaction survey.

How would you seek buy-in from either the community and/or your colleagues to accomplish those tasks? Buy-in would be accomplished with regular communications tools and simply reaching out to various neighborhoods and subdivisions in the Village.

What characteristics do you bring to the table to accomplish those tasks? Experience and training. Past career focused on all aspects of public policy development, management, and public policy advocacy at the federal and state levels. Strong financial and managerial experience. Master’s in Public Administration, Harvard University.

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