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The Ptaschinski’s found each other when they were young, and now they will grow old together. Their love story started in the late 1970s when they first met, as children. Through the years, they experienced life on their own. Like every great love story, they found their way back to one another.

Travis and Paula as children

Travis and Paula were next door neighbors. They grew up on Mertens Avenue, near the hill by McKinley school. They were close in heart, but also in age. She was 4 years old and he was 5 years old.

Paula says, “We were best friends and inseparable, spending all of our time playing outside together, as kids did back then.” The hallmark of a good relationship is being best friends and the two had this down pat.

When Travis was 8 years old, his family moved to the north side of Racine. Paula was no longer his neighbor and they drifted a part. There’s no denying the two had something special.

Together After All

The two went on their own journeys, but still remained in Racine. Down the road, Travis and Paula both got married to other people and had families. However, in 2015, those relationships came to a fold.

Paula and Travis recently

“We thought of each other so many times over the years and always wondered about each other,” says Paula. Those thoughts and feelings were meant to be. The two, after all, were led back to each other.

By accident, through the power of social media, Paula found someone she thought was her childhood best friend on Facebook. Sara, Travis’ sister, and Paula were friends online and even worked together for a few years.

Paula and Travis say “I do’

After 35 years, Paula reached out to Travis through Facebook. Paula says, ” I found my friend again. We immediately started communicating daily…we had a lot of catching up to do! We rekindled our friendship and decided to take things slowly due to our recent divorces.”

Six months went by and the old friends were reunited. From that day, they’ve been inseparable. It must be true, love always finds its way. On June 27, 2020, after six years of dating, the two said I do. Paula says, “Travis actually proposed at the park where we used to play together as kids.”

Tragically, Travis’ sister Sara passed away unexpectedly. Paula says, “If it weren’t for her, Travis and I may have not have ever connected again.”

A connection like theirs, even after so many years a part, is still so strong.

Paula and Travis as children


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