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Mike Rohrer, 53, will be throwing his hat in the ring to run against Donald Gloo, Martin Meissner, Kate Maurer, and Milt Habeck on April 6, 2021, for Wind Point Village Trustee. Residents will vote for three candidates and the top three people with the most votes will be sworn into office. To read more about other races, click here.

Where do you live? Wind Point

How long have you lived there? 5 years

Age? 53

Spouse or partner’s name? Beth Worzell

If you have children, please include their ages Zach who is 33 years old

What is your current profession? Senior Director at SC Johnson

What position are you applying for? Wind Point Trustee

What motivated you to seek out this seat? We deserve representatives who demonstrate humility, openness to adjust their point of view when they acquire new information, and don’t take refuge behind arcane processes to avoid hearing differing points of views. Recent board discussions have been the antithesis of these core values.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job? Organizations spend more time trying to solve the problem, than defining a problem. The predictable outcome is solving for the wrong problem. My ability to challenge, be challenged and build consensus; creates the environment to spend time to gain alignment and commitment to solve the right problem. I have lived the majority of my life in Wisconsin and 25 years in the Racine area, and these roots provide the context to understand our shared unspoken values. The five years outside of Racine, were in Shanghai, which offered another opportunity to listen and work with others different from me.

Name three things you would like to see change with how things are being done. A board who looks forward without comprising the heritage of wind point, a more transparent board, and a board that can learn and unlearn.

What resources would you need to have to accomplish that? No additional resources at this time, other than a shared commitment of all board members to start with defining the problem and openness on how it is solved.

What would success look like and how would you measure that success? An increase in the sense of community and desirability of living in Wind Point, which ultimately increases everyone’s property value and resources available to Wind Point.

How would you seek buy-in from either the community and/or your colleagues to accomplish those tasks? Listening first to all view points and presume they are coming from a perspective of positive intent. Seek builds on my ideas and welcome challenges to those ideas.

What characteristics do you bring to the table to accomplish those tasks? Ability to define the problem at hand and work with others to solve. A strong business acumen with the humility and openness to learn from others, which creates a culture of trust among fellow team members. Seek to understand before being understood.


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