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Your business depends on effective and efficient processes to carry out its work. Without a streamlined workflow and accessible facilities, your operation will face trouble. That’s why many businesses use concrete floors. Strong and easy to clean, concrete flooring is the go-to for all types of enterprises. Here are a few different concrete coating applications across many industries.

Manufacturing and Production Facilities

Imagine you’re in a manufacturing facility. Giant, heavy machines are everywhere working at a breakneck pace. Workers bustle about fulfilling orders and operating tools to get the work done quickly and precisely. This industrial setting requires a firm, strong, and no-nonsense floor to keep everyone moving from one place to the next. That’s why concrete floors are so common in manufacturing and production facilities. When you have sparks flying and chemicals flowing, you need durable and washable floors with coatings that withstand even the toughest jobs.

Warehouses and Storage Facilities

Like industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses need concrete flooring. Depending on the storage solutions your business offers, you’ll likely have large, heavy equipment beside sturdy metal shelving. Warehouse managers utilize coated concrete flooring for a slip-resistant, sturdy surface to store customers’ items.

Restaurants and Grocery Stores

The food industry relies on cleanliness and order. Without organizational tactics, workers can accidentally contaminate food. That’s why places like restaurants and grocery stores use concrete floors for their work. If you spill the soup of the day in the back of your restaurant or a pile of watermelons comes crashing down from the stand, you don’t want a thick carpet to clean. Instead, concrete allows for a sterile and stable surface so you can clean quickly and keep business rolling. If you want to impress your customers, you can try out a few different types of concrete coatings, from flecked to metallic finishes.

Learn more about the different concrete coating applications and see which kind is right for your business. With a balance of efficacy and artistry, every business can impress their customers and improve their operations.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.