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Carmella Venturini, 55, is throwing her hat in the ring to run against Auntavia Jackson in the spring election on April 6, 2021, for the Racine Unified School District seat #6. To read more about other races, click here.

Where do you live? Racine, WI

How long have you lived there? 34 years

Age? 55

Spouse or partner’s name? Jim Venturini

If you have children, please include their ages? 31 and 28

What is your current profession? Business Development Coordinator

What position are you applying for? Racine Unified School Board District #6

What motivated you to seek out this seat? I want to have a positive impact on my community.

Why do you think you are a good candidate for the job? As a mother and business professional, I see the strengths and weaknesses in the district I live in and have very specific ideas to help resolve them.

Name three things you would like to see change with how things are being done. Improve busing restrictions, provide valuable resources to our teachers, help make the students’ career and community ready.

What resources would you need to have to accomplish that? Access to other board members, conversations with current teachers, and conversations with parents.

What would success look like and how would you measure that success? Graduation results-higher numbers, tests scores- higher numbers, reading and writing proficiency- higher scores.

How would you seek buy-in from either the community and/or your colleagues to accomplish those tasks? We all need to hold the Unified School District itself accountable.

What characteristics do you bring to the table to accomplish those tasks? Common Sense, an open mind, listening to the needs and wants of the children, parents, and teachers. A business-minded approach to improving our community through education.


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