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Thinking about how public transportation can compete with owning and driving your own vehicle is layered. While some of the key elements in your decision making may be implied or obvious if you are thinking to make a switch from one method to another give yourself an opportunity to explore the pros and cons associated with such a significant lifestyle change. One major pro that is universal is that how you choose to mobilize yourself is entirely up to you and specific to your personal needs, so as you consider each possibility know that there is no one size fits all solution.


Arguably the biggest thing to think about when deciding if a private car suits your life is your budget. Thinking about if your pocketbook supports the cost of not only purchasing a vehicle but also maintaining one is a big discussion. There is more that goes into private transportation than the up-front costs of buying or leasing a vehicle.

Fuel costs will be one of the largest considerations associated with your choice to utilize private transportation. It would be beneficial to research which vehicles are better on gas than others while you evaluate also how frequently you will be driving this car. If you are in the market for an everyday option, you can review a guide that discusses how long does gasoline lasts in a car, why does it go bad, and then narrow down purchasing options from the results that best suit your budget.


Where you live will have a huge impact on how feasible a choice public transportation is for you. Larger cities will likely already have reliable and consistent systems in place that you can easily research and compare with your personal needs. However smaller cities or those that are less developed may not have as many options for you to choose from.

Buses, trains, subways, and rail systems are all examples of existing public transportation methods. As you identify the options available to you in your specific location pay close attention to their route maps and timelines. Thinking about where you need to go and what time you need to go there as it relates to your everyday transportation needs will highlight for you if any of these options are even realistic.

Personal Schedule

Your time is valuable, and it should be considered when listing out the pros and cons of mobilization. Private vehicles certainly add a layer of convenience in that they are there for you on demand, right at your home, available on the drop of a dime. While public transportation can allow you to use your commute time to accomplish tasks like catch up on emails or have built in time for yourself to enjoy a book and a cup of coffee.

Evaluate the costs and benefits that each choice will have on your schedule to help you determine what makes the most sense. Combined with your schedule your lifestyle should also be a key determining factor. For example, if you have other members of your household that you need to create mobility for that requires a different mindset than if you are responsible only for yourself.


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