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Trade schools are very different from normal colleges. While a four-year college is a great opportunity for some students, others will benefit more from a trade school. Trade schools provide the education necessary to become plumbers, electricians, and welders, though these are only three of the many programs available. This list of top reasons you should go to trade school details how beneficial this educational path can be for young students.

Career Opportunities

When it comes to the top reasons you should go to trade school, you should consider the wide range of career opportunities available. For instance, although it might not seem like the most exciting job at first, there are quite a few substantial reasons to pursue a welding career. This same principle applies to many trade careers—seemingly mundane, but surprisingly rewarding.

Trade careers like welding prove that you don’t need to attend a four-year university to get a job that provides great pay and ample opportunity to grow professionally. Plus, these careers give you the chance to break into massive industries like automotive, construction, and aerospace.

Hands-On Experience

Instead of spending more time in books than getting hands-on with your career choice, trade schools balance the scale more comfortably. These schools have a significant focus on real experience since it’s so crucial for these careers. While reading about trades is important for a beginner’s education, so is actually learning the ropes with the equipment in your grasp.

Concise Focus

When attending the average university, students will have to take some supplemental courses that have nothing to do with their major. This ultimately results in less time focusing on what you really want to do. Trade schools give students knowledge and experience in a very specific field.

Short Time Frame

The time frame for trade school depends on the specific program. However, it typically won’t be the four-year duration an average university attendee spends to get a bachelor’s degree. Instead, a trade school student spends anywhere between a handful of months to a couple of years honing their skills.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.