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WHITEWATER, WI — The following individuals were inducted as student government senators at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Racine, WI: Austin May, who is studying General Management

Racine, WI: Allyson Weisbrod, who is studying sociology

Elections were held in the fall of 2021, and 16 new members were inducted for the 2021 calendar year. WSG Senators hold positions in five different districts across campus: Drumlin, Esker, Rock County, Off-Campus and At-Large. The placement of senators into these five districts depends on where senators live and attend classes.

To become a senator, students go through an application process, which includes collecting signatures in their desired district, appearing on a ballot and undergoing a campus-wide vote.

Once elected, the senator’s foundational responsibility is to act as the outreach of student government. This includes communicating with constituents in each of their districts, bringing the concerns of campus forward to the student government and writing resolutions/acts either to make a statement on behalf of WSG or make a call to action. Members of the WSG Senate also sit on various campus committees and represent not only WSG, but all student voices.

“The newly sworn in Whitewater Student Government senators are a bright, ambitious and optimistic group. The senate makes a positive impact through legislation, constituency events and sitting on UW-Whitewater’s committees to advocate for students. Their dedication, leadership and desire to make our campus better will shape the future of our university for years to come,” said Jody Wentworth, student body president.

The WSG Senate meets virtually every Monday at 7 p.m. All individuals are welcome to attend any of the meetings to bring forward any concerns, aspirations, or ways to improve the UW-Whitewater campus.

For more information on the WSG Senate visit or email


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