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Event space is opening in the downtown Racine area called Social on Sixth. Located at 324 6th St., Joan Roehre will open the business to provide the area with a space for people and organizations to collaborate. Social on Sixth is bringing new life to a monumental building in Racine.

Roehre is looking to build on that. With roots planted, she’s eager to see her new business blossom here. Social on Sixth is a boutique, micro event venue for baby showers, bridal parties, non-profit board meetings, weddings, or even pop-up stores. If you can think of it, they’ll host it.

Holding onto the History

The space on 6th Street is more than just four walls and a room filled with furniture. The building holds historical value to the community. Occupants in the past have been Longshot Vinyl, the YMCA, and the Red Cross Pharmacy. Social on Sixth today stands where the Blake Opera House once operated before it burned down.

Read more about the history of this building by clicking here.

Born and raised in Racine, Roehre is eager to add to the city’s rich history. What started with an idea turned into a conversation, and now it’s a new business in Racine’s spotlight.

Community Support for Social on Sixth

Roehre looks up to many other Racine businesses. When the spark first ignited in her heart, she reached out to Kristina Campbell from The Branch @ 1501. While Campbell operates her event venue, she showed nothing but support for Roehre starting her place.

Businesses like Twin Dragon Games and Malaki’s Piggly Wiggly embody the spirit of what Racine is all about. Roehre comments about wanting to follow their lead. Her vision for the space is also helping to plan the events inside the hall. The community has welcomed Social on Sixth with open arms and they’re now opening their doors to welcome community members.

Perfect Timing

“That little spark has always been inside me. I know it will be a lot of work, but it’s time,” said Roehre.

Now the time has come for Roehre’s own business to thrive. She is on the board for HALO, has worked for Visioning a Greater Racine, and has been involved in many community projects and initiatives. She’s fully capable of creating something unique on Sixth Street.

While a pandemic may seem far from the perfect time to open a business, it truly is a perfect time. Roehre has plans to unite people through Social on Sixth. Providing a space that is safe for community members is essential and she’s got the perfect spot.

Renting the Space

The space can accommodate 25 guests at this time. That number is based on COVID-19 precautionary measures. Social on Sixth prioritizes the health of those visiting. Masks and social distancing are required.*

While gatherings may be small at Social on Sixth, they will be memorable. It is the perfect spot for a baby shower, board meetings, and pop-up shops. The space serves as a blank canvas that guests can turn into something of their own.

“I am incredibly excited and proud to open a business downtown and provide a well-needed option for venue space,” Roehre said.

There are caterers available as well as AV projection, a sound system, wifi, tables and seating. Additionally, guests can use a caterer of their choice or use one suggested by Social on Sixth. Soon they will have a Class B liquor license for beer and wine.

Grand Opening Weekend is March 26, 2021. Check out the Facebook event here for details.

If you are a non-profit or belong to a community organization, the first meeting you have a Social on Sixth is on the house. For anyone interested in renting the space, contact or call 262-939-5813.

*Editor’s note: These guidelines were for March of 2021. Please contact Social on Sixth for updated COVID-19 guidelines and other details.